We all know Kanye is a little bit wacky, but the self-dubbed ‘creative genius’ has really taken it to new heights on his Twitter account this weekend.

He’s posted a barrage of tweets that genuinely sound like the ramblings of a mad king. In fact, he has claimed to have ‘retaken the throne of rap’, much to Drizzy’s chagrin.

Apparently, he’s also $53 million in debt and he’s earnestly asking Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for help. Yeah – he’s really lost the plot, and it makes for great reading.

Thankfully for Kanye, he’s not alone in his dark twisted fantasy. Most pop stars are a little crazy, and here are a few who could probably keep Kanye company in the asylum.


You only have to watch a couple of Bjork music videos to know that she’s a little bit different. But then again, we don’t think she’s ever denied that, so maybe that doesn’t count as craziness. Either way, there’s no way we could leave her off this list.

Michael Jackson

One of the few pop stars whose level of fame actually matched up to his level of talent. Obviously, he was bound to be a little eccentric as a result, but building his own personal theme park and buying his own pet chimp were a couple of things NO ONE saw coming.

Lady Gaga

It’s all in the name. Only someone as gaga as Gaga would wear a dress made entirely of meat to red carpet event. Even Prince would look into her wardrobe and say ‘No thanks Gaga, that’s a little bit too much for me’.

Justin Bieber

You kind of have to feel for this guy. He was literally the most famous popstar in the world when he was like, 14 years old. Whether he’s getting into fights with Orlando Bloom, egging his neighbour’s house or crashing quad bikes into minivans, it all goes to show that global fame is pretty damn hard to handle.

Miley Cyrus

Fair play to Miley. She’s re-asserting her individual identity, hitting back at an industry that manufactured her whole childhood for commercial gain. That said, considering her most recent on-stage antics involving giant hot dogs and blow-up dolls, maybe they were doing her a favour?

As you can see, the link between possessing musical talent and acting a bit weird seems to be more than a coincidence.

We reckon the two go hand in hand. Although Kanye’s brand of eccentricity seems to be reaching genuinely worrying heights.

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