We appreciate that some of you might be thinking of saving some cash this month… maybe staying in, renting a couple of movies and having a ‘carpet picnic’ instead of hitting town. If our fantastic 50% off January offers weren’t enough to tempt you away from the sofa then here’s five movies so bad they’ll make you cut up your Blockbuster video card faster than you can call yourself a taxi (“I’m a taxi” – lol)

1. Sharktopus (2010)

50% Shark. 50% Octopus. 100% Deadly. Finally released on DVD!

2. Piranaconda (2011)

“From the people who brought you Sharktopus” (apparently)

3. Nude Nuns With Big Guns (2010)

Think Quentin Tarantino vs Mexican Father Ted on a shoestring budget… naked!

4. Snakes On A Train (2010)

No… it’s not a typo. Evening more frightening than the same thing happening on a plane (except you could conceivably stop the train and get off)

5. Sex and the City 2 (2010)

Surely the most terrifying of them all. Please don’t have nightmares.

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