So, we all know our new food menu is all kinds of epic (we would say that). But what happens when you want to mix it up and try a totally individual combination of dishes? Where do you even start? Well, fear no more dear reader. Here are 6 hacks to help you get the most from our menu.

The Mini American Mash-Up

smoke n fire

Want to get your USA-on without hitting one of our more substantial dishes? Just order some Smoke ‘n’ Fire Mini Burgers with a side of Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Tons of good ol’ stateside flavour without the supersize portions. And all the ‘n’s you could ever wish for.

Big Lad Salad


Yeah, you want to eat healthily. Sure. But you still want to go big. We hear ya. Well, just order one of our gorgeous salads and add a portion of Viper Sweet Potato Fries. They’re, spicy, filling and proper good for you.

The Quadruple Overload


Okay, so this one’s not quite so healthy. But it is stupidly tasty. Order yourself one of our infamous Triple Overload burgers and add in some Fried Pickles ‘n’ Blue Cheese. Take off the burger lid,  bang in the pickles, pour over the blue cheese and eat. Then sleep.

Super-Hipster Pizza


Unleash your inner-hipster with this pizza combo. Order a Margherita and add avocado, fried egg and fennel sausage. Serve with a bottle of Quilmes. We call it the ‘Brooklyn Top Knot’, but don’t let that put you off. It tastes awesome.

Smokin’ Prawn Star


Our Butterflied Breaded Shrimp usually comes served with Big Easy Mayo. And, trust us, that’s pretty epic as standard. But swap out the mayo for Hot Buffalo Sauce and you’ve got yourself a whole new way to shrimp it up.

Got any food hacks we’ve missed? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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