Waking up after a night out and checking your bank balance is quite possibly the WORST thing in the world.

Sure, you can save cash with a Revolution Card, but unfortunately, it won’t get you very far when it comes to the world’s most expensive cocktails.

Although tbh, unless you’re some kind of oil sheikh, we’d be willing to bet our bottom dollar that these are out of your price range anyway.

The Jet Set Manhattan – £100

Jet Set Manhattan

Surprise, surprise, New York City is our first stop on this frivolous tour of filthy riches.

Tavern on 51 is a seriously ritzy drinking establishment in a super snazzy hotel that sells drams of whiskey for – wait for it – a few thousand dollars.

The Jet Set Manhattan here, will only set you back a hundred bucks. Why the f***’s that, we hear you ask? Well it’s made with Michter’s 20 Year Single Barrel Bourbon and vintage Taylor Fladgate 1985 Port, two supposedly swanky boozes that rich New York yuppies like to guzzle.

Good for bloody them, we say. What’s wrong with a JD and coke?

Sapphire Martini – £2,229

Sapphire Martini

Next time you’re in Connecticut with £2,300 dollars, hit up Foxwoods Resort Casino for a Sapphire Martini.

You CAN buy a regular Martini for $24, but why bother when THIS luxury version is served with a pair of diamond sapphire earrings on the side? AND if you pay in cash, you can tip the barman your quid change and look like a real baller.

Just don’t get pissed and gamble them away in a game of poker.

Salvatore’s Legacy – £5,500

Salvatore's Legacy

Master bartender (note: not debater) Salvatore Calabrese is an old Italian guy that works at London’s Playboy Club.

He cooked up this trumpy treat for the wealthiest of bunny-loving patrons: with decadent (ancient) ingredients including a cognac from 1778, a liqueur from 1770 and an orange curacao from 1860.

Rumour has it he smashed a bottle when he was making one of these for the fine people at the Guinness Book of World Records.
Old. Overpriced. And all over the floor. Nah, you’re alright.

The World’s Most Expensive Cocktail – £7,883

World's Most Expensive Cocktails

With a name like that, this drink was made for this list (literally) by the team at Gigi’s in Mayfair.

At €8,888 (or just under eight grand in GBP, according to today’s disgusting exchange rate) this cocktail combines 1990 vintage Cristal and something called Samalens Vieille Relique Vintage Bas Armagnac from the year 1888.

Oh, and a shedload of gold leaf shaved on top. Of course.

So do you swallow that or what?

Diamonds are Forever Martini – £12,139

Diamond Martini

We were never really sure what James Bond’s hourly rate would be, but we bet even 007 would be hard up after a pissed night out necking these.

The Ritz Carlton (obviously) in Tokyo (obviously) serves up chilled Grey Goose vodka with a lime twist… Oh, and don’t forget the one-carat diamond ‘garnish’.

It’ll set you back a super steep 1,800,000 yen (just over twelve bags of sand) but as it arrives at your table the band plays a live rendition of “Diamonds Are Forever” so there’s that.

Ok, so you’re never gonna be able to afford any of these, but we can’t either so…

What you CAN afford is a £4 Revolution Card – which gets you 25% off food, 2-4-1 cocktails and LOADS more awesome offers. PLUS when you register your card, you get over £100 worth of incredible vouchers too.

Heck, with the money you’ll save, you could take a trip to the States and drink a gemstone Martini. Maybe.

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