Okay, 2016 wasn’t the best. We get that. But 2017 is gonna smash it – and here’s why.

The Donald’s first presidential address

Yes, he’ll be there. In January, Donald J. Trump will stand at Capitol Hill to wave goodbye to Barack. He’ll say words, which we bet will go something along the lines of “Here we are folks. You got us here, so this one’s for you, folks. Change is coming. Change. Infrastructure. Building. Change. Walls. Changing. Rooms. Folks. Here we go. It’s gonna be great, folks. Watch this space.”

So we will. We’ll watch, and we’ll wonder if it’s a wig or not. What a way to kick off the year.

There’s a MEAN GIRLS musical coming!

It just so happens that the genius that is Tina Fey – writer of the magnificent Mean Girls – is married to a composer, and together they’ve created a baby. No, not an actual baby, but a MEAN GIRLS MUSICAL baby (even better, right?). Set to be the groolest theatre event of the year, it’ll premiere in Washington D.C (boo, you wh*re!) in Autumn – and that better be October 3rd. SO fetch!

A total solar eclipse that’ll knock 2015’s socks off

Remember last year, when we all went outside to watch the partial solar eclipse? Well, it was a little bit sh*t really, wasn’t it? Don’t worry – that was just a partial (99.5% to be precise) eclipse, whereas 2017 is bringing us a total solar eclipse. And before you ask if 0.5% can really make a difference, physicists describe the two as being “as different as a quick peck on the cheek and a long night of passion.” So stargazers, get ready, because you’re in for some seriously steamy interplanetary lovin’!

Kanye will find the path to enlightenment (a.k.a recovery)

2016 was a pretty rough year in the life of Pablo. After his beef with Wiz, the awkward support for Bill Cosby, being dissed by Bey, then all that begging for cash from Zuckerberg, things went from bad to worse for Mr. West. We’re sure he’ll be glad to see the back of 2016… But what goes down, must come up again (that’s how that one goes, right?) so we’re sure 2017 will see him sunny, smiling (and wearing something else other than those weird grey pyjamas) once more.

The new season of just about every TV show ever created

Whatever you’ve loved watching in the past, is set to make a comeback in 2017. There are literally TOO MANY TO NAME. But we’ll try. Here’s a list of amazeballs TV that’s returning to our screens, THANK GOD: Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Peaky Blinders, Girls, AHS, Homeland, Narcos, Making a Murder, TWD… Not to mention all the amazing movies that are coming out next year. Netflix and chill, anyone?

So things are looking up. We’ll also be super excited to see the back of all the ‘Me at the start of 2016, v.s me at the end of 2016’ memes. Yay!

Whatever way you’re seeing it in, it’s gotta be big. Why not say hi to 2017 at our NYE shindig? You’re guaranteed a blinder of a party, and we can finally say a big fat BYE FELICIA to the hideous 2016, once and for all.


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