Remember lunches as a kid?

A Penguin chocolate bar for starters. Some turkey twizzlers with more E numbers than Albert Einstein’s blackboard for mains. And then a finger-pinching Frube for dessert.

Absolute heaven.

But now, as an adult paying your fair share of council tax, you’re faced with a barrage of choices when it comes to that all-important lunchtime nibble.

So to make sure you don’t ruin the rest of your afternoon, here’s our comprehensive list of the best British lunches you can get your mouth around.

Beans on toast

A true British meal, and a complete all-rounder.

There was a time, probably when you were about 14, when beans on toast was your go-to dish for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. It was just that good.

But nowadays, after gaining a slight knowledge of something called complex carbohydrates, you’ve probably reduced beans on toast to a solely breakfast or lunch item. Yes. Because you’re being good.

Now, get out the cheese grater and put a whole block of the stuff on top. *chef’s kiss*

Avocado toast

Once an exotic luxury, this green fruit is now a British staple.

2018’s answer to the simple beans on toast, the combo of smashed avocado and toasted bloomer bread (with a poached egg on top obvs) is about as good as it gets.

And if we’re honest, this lunch is perfect to squeeze in after your four-hour yoga session, before you meet the gals for a chai latte from Starbs to talk about all the ‘activated’ ingredients you’ve eaten this week.

And of course, you won’t be able to resist putting this on the ‘Gram.

The humble cheese sandwich

From the most Instagrammable lunch, we arrive at the least Instagrammable lunch the world has ever seen.

Recently voted as the nation’s favourite weekday lunch, the cheese sandwich, simple and unphotogenic as it may be, is not just a snack – but a building block of British identity.

And when we think about it, we’re not that surprised it came out on top of that vote we found out about when we did 5 minutes of googling of the cheese sandwich.

It’s bread. It’s cheese. It costs less than 5 English pounds. What more could you really want?

British summer salad

The backbone of summer food and so much more than just lettuce, tomato and cucumber, a good British summer salad is one of the best things you can get for lunch.

Salads might be available all year round, but they really come into their own as the weather warms up.

Especially ones like our Botanical Summer Salad, with tender seasonal leaves, radicchio, sorrel and lemon cress with beetroot, sweet raspberries, strawberries PLUS your choice of wonderful toppings such as smoked salmon and marinated king prawns, this is so good it needs to be your next workday lunch.

A huge burger

Mate, this is one of those luxury lunches that you NEED when you’re hungover, your cat has died, or when you’re hungover and your cat has died.

So definitely not an everyday kind of deal, but as a treat? It doesn’t really get much better.

And for a lunch treat you won’t forget in a hurry – look no further than our Big Nacho Cheese Dipper burger. Like, if the title isn’t already getting your mouth watering, let us tell you that it’s a double-stacked melting cheeseburger with crispy onions and a naughty bowl of nacho cheese sauce for dipping.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s real. Yes. Yes. Yes. We’re running. Yes. Yes. Yes. We don’t know where. Yes. Yes.  See you soon. 


Look, there’s no doubt about it, British lunches are definitely our favourite. And ’cause we know you love it as much as us, we’re bringing out some dishes we just know you’re gonna love…

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