So summer is in full swing (hello, heatwave!) and once again annual tennis-fest Wimbledon is upon us. Cue the country being gripped by tennis mania and making a racket about how dreamy Andy Murray is with his moody ways and intense dark eyes and his athletic physique. Ahem. Anyway, we’re not tennis experts but we do know our way around a bar. So here are our top choices for drinks to accompany you during the tournament.

Pimms and lemonade

A British summer essential and the perfect refreshing sipper for lazy afternoons watching the mixed doubles. Or something. Interesting Pimms fact – the drink was originally offered as an aid to digestion. We’re running fast and loose with the meaning of the word ‘interesting’ there, to be fair.



This classic fizz cocktail was born at the legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice. It has since become a British summertime staple, thanks to its classy refinement and easy drinkability.

Ginger ale

If you’re a designated driver, or just being good, the perfect non-alcoholic drink for some sunny tennis watching is a glass of ice cold ginger beer. We serve the super-classy Fever-Tree variety and it is a well worth a moment of any thirsty drinkers attention. Serve with lashings of ice and you’re good to go.



Often overlooked and underrated, a chilled glass of premium lager is hard to beat on a summer afternoon. And what is the perfect go-to beer when you want good quality great flavour? Well, look no further than Italy’s finest – Peroni.

Gin and tonic

About as quintessentially British as it gets. Of course, the gin needs to be of a decent quality and the tonic must be chilled to perfection. But get it right and there is simply nothing finer.

Strawberries and Cream Flavour


Okay, time for us to blow our own trumpet for a minute. We’ve managed to create a vodka flavour so exquisitely British, so wonderfully evocative of the spirit of Wimbledon that we can’t help but be a little bit proud of it.

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