When you go on a diet, that usually means having to pretend you’re satisfied with eating a rocket salad that you could fit into a teabag if you scrunched it up tightly enough.

Although being healthy certainly seems like a depressing affair, but we’re happy to report that it doesn’t necessarily have to be. For example, check out our healthy food ideas which are more than just a pretty flavour.


As far as fish go, Salmon is certainly a bit on the fatty side, but that doesn’t mean it’s not got a lot of other healthy stuff going for it. After all, it’s full of protein and a massive source of Omega-3, which not only has a name like a badass Transformer, but also helps to reduce your cholesterol.


According to new research, your morning cup of Joe is very likely to be doing you some good. What kind of benefits you ask? How about lowering your risk of death by 12%? We don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean, but scientists said it so just trust it and smile.


No, we’re not going crazy. Wheat is actually full of nutrition if you try and eat the right kind. The trouble is that the wheat we encounter most often is heavily processed and has all of the good stuff removed. Stick to wholegrain, and you’ll get all of the vitamins and nutrients that should be included in the first place.


It’s not like we need more reasons to love cheese, but here are some anyway. Not only is it a great source of calcium and protein, but it’s also a likely contribution to the phenomenon known as the ‘French paradox‘, a term which describes the fact that French people eat loads of fatty foods but somehow have one of the lowest rates of heart disease in Europe. Go cheese!

Beef Jerky

This popular North American snack is so tasty you were probably too scared to check the calorie content. But fear not – it’s basically a block of dried protein, and a 1-ounce portion only contains just over 100 calories. So get on this meaty treat after a cataclysmic rip session at the gym. Just don’t eat loads of it, though – it’s cured meat, so it is a bit salty.

Peanut Butter

Totally natural. Totally delicious. Totally affordable. But is it totally healthy? Well – obviously, the high fat content suggests you shouldn’t eat a jar of it like it’s chocolate mousse, but the high protein and vitamin content should encourage you to include a few spoonfuls here and there.

Isn’t the future looking a bit brighter? Being healthy isn’t all soggy salads and vinegar based dressings. Well – it is about 90% that, but at least you can enjoy these lovely things in moderation knowing that you’re doing yourself some good.

Come try our healthy food ideas

Of course, if you want to be really clever about it, you could pop in to see us and we’ll cook you up a proper healthy and delicious treat.

Book in now, and do healthy with us.

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