There’s no point beating around the bush.

2016 has been a bit of a rollercoaster. And by ‘rollercoaster’, we’re talking about the rolling-down-Niagara-Falls-in-a-barrel-kind.

America got Trumped. Britain got er…Brexited(?). And the grim reaper apparently decided that we don’t need famous people anymore (I mean, seriously, who do we have left? Kanye West? Oh lord have mercy.)

But let’s not get too mopey about it. You’ve got to look on the bright side of life, and to be fair, 2016 had made that very easy.

Let’s take a look at a few of the actually awesome things that have happened in this most chaotic of years.

Leicester won the Premier League

Non-football fans, stop sighing.

It doesn’t matter if you like the beautiful game or not, this story is about as fairytale as it gets.

Leicester City F.C started the season as 5000-1 outsiders for the title. In lamen terms, those odds translate loosely to ‘about as likely as when babe entered that sheepdog contest’.

Put it this way. If you put a tenner on Leicester winning at the start of the season, you’d now be £50,000 richer. Yeah, seriously.

That’ll do Leicester. That’ll do.

Music has been awesome

Beyonce dropped Lemonade. Kanye dropped Life of Pablo. Drake dropped Views.

This barely scratches the surface of all the insanely good music that’s been gifted to us in 2016.

So there might have been a few events that were quite hard to watch this year, at least they’ve all had an awesome soundtrack.

Pokemon Go happened

Okay, so the craze was short lived and now we’re all feeling kind of weird and dirty now that we’ve sobered up from the madness that was Pokemon Go.

But can we just acknowledge one thing…

For a brief but joyously surreal period in human history, a stupidly huge number of people across the globe (we’re talking 45 million, by the way) all interrupted their daily habits to chase Pokemon.

Make no mistake – in this serious, crazy, scary world, moments like that are a special thing.

The Ice Bucket challenge actually paid off

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge back in 2014?

Of course you do. It was everywhere, and even though a lot of the people who did it probably didn’t know it, it was for a really good cause; namely, raising awareness of the fatal neurological disease ALS.

Well, in July 2016, the ALS association announced that they had successfully identified one of the genes that causes ALS, using funds raised as a direct result of the Ice Bucket challenge.

Slacktivism? Nah. It’s called actually saving lives mate.

VR is a real thing now

In terms of futuristic inventions that prove the proper future is actually here, virtual reality headsets are probably one notch below flying cars on that scale.

Now you can actually transport yourself into another dimension, literally just for LOLS.

Because that’s what game changing inventions are made for: LOLS.


So thanks to complicated science that mere mortals like us could never hope to understand, some clever people have managed to send a plane around the entire world using NOTHING BUT SOLAR POWER.

That’s insane. It means we might actually stand a chance of not draining this world for everything it’s got whilst we’re still on it.

Nice one science. We owe you one.

So it turns out everything really does have a silver lining.

Even 2016.

And now that it’s coming to an end, there’s only one way to really celebrate such an eventful year…..

…with a party so big you’ll forget the whole thing ever happened.


You know where you’ll find that? In any one of our bars on New Year’s Eve. Make the end of the year the best night ever.

Get your party started
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