As much as you will have spent the last three months declaring “I don’t care about New Year’s Eve it’s always a let down I am staying in and watching Graham Norton and going for a run on New Year’s Day because I am a changed person and 2016 will be my year”, we all know you’re going to get fully smashed up and be snogging the DJ in Revolution at 3 in the morning.

And the sooner you accept that and get your New Year’s Eve outfit sorted, the better.

So here are some of the biggest trends for this New Year’s party season. The good thing is that, because you’ve left it so late, you’ll probably pick one of these New Year’s Eve looks up in one of the post-Christmas sales.

Almost as if you knew this was going to happen all along…


It’s a blog about New Year party dresses. So we’re including a classic LBD because we’re not complete mavericks. This one from Missguided is super cute. Simply wear with classic red lips and messed up hair. Because, you woke up like dis.

Asos party dress

Colour Statement

There are some hot as hell colour clashes going on this party season. So make the frikking most of them. Asos are leading the way with Aztec-style colour blocking bodycon. And long sleeves mean you can get your legs out and strut your way past the 2am taxi queue. Who the hell is going to stop you?

new year's eve party dress

Office party chic

There is something really sexy about a blazer dress. You’re basically saying: “step aside brother, I got this” but looking really feminine at the same time. Boss it in this cobalt blue number from Pretty Little Thing.

blazer dress


Ok ok, jumpsuits aren’t for everyone, but when you find a good one you wonder why anyone would ever go out in a dress ever again. Perfect for posing, but please be careful with the slut dropping. Speaking from experience here ladies… We love Binky’s new range fromIn The Style and she’s been plastering this jumpsuit all over her Instagram.Which makes us just want to be her even more. And now we can be. Kind of.


Time to sparkle

My mum always used to say: “find a good sequin dress and you’ll be happy forevermore.” (I may be paraphrasing). Either way, simple sequins are going to make sure that you bring some sparkle to the party. Whether you go all out or keep it simple like this pretty dress from Asos you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Wear with sleek hair and sky-high stilettos and shine on, sister.

sparkle dress

Keep it casual

>OK, you win. After all that you really are just staying in with a couple of mates and being “sensible”. But mark my words, these are always the most dangerous New Year’s Eves… you’re guaranteed to start 2016 crying into your hangovers waiting for Domino’s to start doing deliveries. But, if you insist on pretending that not going out is a good idea, you might as well look cute doing it. Check this “working the slouch look” dress from Missguided. In fact, we are loving this whole outfit, a pretty much perfect January wardrobe right there. Call it an investment.

slouch dress

So, that’s the hard work done. Now for the easy part: booking the best party night of 2015.

What are you waiting for? Book your New Year party now!

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