Pretend to be edgy at Camden Market. Get your Hermione on at the Harry Potter tour. Take a picture of Buckingham Palace that’s pretty crap when compared to the ones already on Google Images.

Yep, there’s your standard London itinerary right there.

But, if you want to do something wildly different in the capital and make your weekend a lil’ bit WTF? Well, we’ve got you covered, with these unusual things to do in London. 


Ever wondered what it’s like to sleepover at a zoo? Have you always wanted to put yourself in mortal danger? Can you do a pretty passable David Attenborough impression?

Well, seeing as Gir Lion Lodge allows you to spend the night within roaring distance of lions, this might just be your thing.  


Head down a perfectly normal-looking street in East Dulwich, and you’re gonna find a perfectly not-normal-looking abode, and possibly the quirkiest museum London has to offer.

With the contents of old Christmas crackers, crockery, trinkets and many a broken toy, an artist has turned the ground floor of his home into a wall-to-wall shrine of forgotten and unloved objects, calling it the House of Dreams. You know, as anyone would do really.  


London is currently home to 5 Revolution’s (soon to be 6!), 72 Michelin restaurants, 205 McDonald’s, but amazingly, only ONE place where you can eat in complete darkness.

That’s right, with mystery menus, blind waiters, and not a single bit of light, it’s safe to say Dans le Noir is a bit of a unique dining experience, where you’re forced to rely on your other senses to taste your food. Whatever you do, just try not to eat your napkin. 


An art class where you create your own canvas with guidance by a resident artist sounds pretty good, right? Well, what if we told you at Brush and Bubbles, you get to paint your latest masterpiece while getting pissed on prosecco?

Yep, that’s right. And let’s face it, Van Gogh had absinthe, why shouldn’t you have a bottle of bubbly?


Worth going just for their incredible signage, the Prince Charles is the only cinema in London where no-one is going to shush you. In fact, it’s all about audience participation.

So aca-along to Pitch Perfect or gasp in horror as one of your favourite characters dies during their many Game of Thrones marathons. Luxurious it ain’t, but it’s comfy, cheap, very cheerful, and an absolute MUST-DO during any trip to London.


Arguably, London is the greatest city in the world. And if you’ve ever ridden a bus there after 3am, you also know it is 100% the weirdest.

Which makes the Christmas Serpentine swim – where people swim the Serpentine in freezing temperatures on Christmas morning without a wetsuit – all the more understandable. Get involved if you don’t have a particularly great relationship with your toes.


Now, after you’re tired of all kooky fun, take the load off with delicious food and dazzling cocktails right here at Revolution London Putney bar and restaurant.

That’s right, before you know it we’ll be raising the bar in your lovely lil’ town, so prepare for something extraordinary.

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