Since its release a few weeks, Pokémon GO has pretty much taken over the world.  Or at least overtaken Tinder. Far from it being ‘just a game’ or a reason to go for a ‘walk’ at 1am on a Tuesday,  we think you can learn a lot of valuable life lessons from it.

In fact, we’re pretty sure Pokémon GO has got what it takes to guide you through life…


People are a bit stupid

Like this pair, who thought it was worth climbing a fence near a TIGER enclosure to catch Pokémon. In situations like this, you do not have to catch ’em all.

We are all secretly heroes

Heroes just waiting for our opportunity to shine, like this absolute life-saver…


We’re NEVER dramatic

Because at the end of the day, it’s just a game. And whether the server crashes, or if footprint distance readings are removed then we’re grown-up enough to keep our sh*t together.


We’re all just looking for our soul mate

Ok, maybe just mates.

The game has already been responsible for a few hook ups as strangers from all over the world come together in the name of Pokémon.


But at the end of the day, we know what really matters.

And that’s Beyoncé.

A Beyoncé ‘fan’ got a load of grief after she started playing Pokémon GO at a Queen B concert. Crime of the century.


And some people are clueless

But we love it


So human beings are basically brilliant weird creatures.

And you should meet some more. Although, maybe for a reason other than Pokémon GO . Like cocktails. So that you can be the strongest Pokémon  trainer AND a pro-cocktail maker. Check out our masterclasses here.

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