We all love a bit of tequila, right? Sure, it’s not as refined as whisky and it lacks the purity of a great vodka. But it can’t be denied that the Mexican export is a proper good-time spirit. So we thought it was about time to celebrate the lovely liquor by sharing some little-known facts about tequila.

If it ain’t from Mexico, it ain’t tequila

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Like champagne, stilton cheese and Newcastle Brown, tequila has protected geographical status meaning that to be called tequila it must be produced in Mexico.

Tequila comes from plants


Tequila is made by extracting liquid from the middle of the blue agave plant. Not sure that makes tequila one of your five a day, mind.

The men who harvest the blue agave are called jimadors


Which is where the name for one of our fave tequilas, el Jimador, comes from. Didn’t take a genius to tell you that, to be fair.

Proper tequila connoisseurs don’t drink tequila shots


If you’re really into tequila, you’ll want to get yourself a specialist tequila glass. It will allow the aromas and flavours to develop properly.

It DOESN’T make you hallucinate


It has been a widely held belief that tequila has hallucinogenic qualities. This is, unfortunately, a load of rubbish. If you are seeing weird things after a shot of the stuff it probably just means you’re smashed.

That worm don’t mean a thing


Many people reckon that the famous tequila worm is the sign of a quality bottle of the stuff. Not so! It’s nothing more than a clever marketing ploy. Still ace for freaking out your mates though.

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