You promised yourself you’d treat pay day with respect.

You swore that you’d spend your last wage sensibly, to make sure you’d make it last throughout the whole month.

But no. Instead, you blew it all the night you got it buying everyone cocktails like you were Jay Gatsby.

And now, you’ve left yourself with barely enough money to eat, let alone to continue the partying.

Well now, aren’t you lucky we’ve put together these low-budget party tips to help keep you rocking?


(House) Party Hard!

If you’ve got a house, you’ve got a party venue.

Sure, you might have to ignore the pictures of your grandma as you’re losing badly at dining table beer pong, but the saving on booze is worth it.

Fake your birthday

Everyone knows that the birthday boy/girl gets hammered with free drinks all night, so all you’ve got to do is effectively convince your friends that it’s your birthday and you’ll get treated like the belle of the ball.

Of course, your close friends will know the truth, so maybe considering reconnecting with that old pal you’d promised to keep in touch with.

Yeah, sure it’s deceptive, immoral and wrong to exploit friendships like that but…..well……errr…..okay we don’t have a half-baked justification for you, just enjoy the free drinks and shut-up.

Don’t pay for spray

Fragrances are expensive, and making sure you have one ready for the party is an expenditure your wallet cannot stomach right now.

Alas, you do have an option.

Pop into Boots on the way to the party, and drench yourself in free samples of the most expensive fragrance. It doesn’t even matter if you like the smell – it’s crunch time, and you need to get the most out of your exploitative ways.

Dinner and show

Sometimes, when times get desperate, you’ve got to take the party to places you’d never thought of.

If you want a budget dinner and show experience, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a bottle of wine and a bag of popcorn to the cinema and having yourself a top notch night out.

Sure, it could lead to a little anti-social behaviour, but it’s the closest you’ll get to a theatre experience without actually having to go to the theatre.

Pretend fancy dress

Is there an epic fancy dress party happening that you simply can’t afford the costume for?

Be clever about it. If it’s a movie theme, don’t wash for a week and go as the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2.

If it’s a retro theme, bust into your dad’s cupboard and get the most authentic costume at the party.

Practice your moves

Here’s the thing with dancing.

It’s cool. Like, really cool. If you can be the person on the dancefloor who actually knows what they’re doing, it won’t matter how tight your budget is.

You’ll have fun. You’ll be the life of the party. And hey, if you’re good enough, someone might even buy you a couple of free drinks as a reward for your awesomeness.

Of course, this could go the other way and your night out will go down in history as one of the most shameful you’ve ever experienced. But hey ho, life goes on, right?


Now you can have yourself the time of your life on a pitiful pre-payday budget.

Just promise us that next time, you’ll have a bit more respect for your wage and be sensible with it.

Then again….we will be serving up 2-4-1 cocktails from 5 – 9pm this Friday night to kick-off our epic Surreal Summer Sessions this weekend.

Just you know, throwing that out there in case you decide to go all Gatsby on us again.

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