Before emojis, Uber and the rise of Cardi B, this was a spirit reserved solely for your Great Aunt Mary and all her bladdered friends.

Fast forward a few years however, and those gin stereotypes are more outdated than Mary’s cardigans, and this spirit is finally loved the world over.

And to be honest, we’re just surprised it took people this long. Gin is fresh tasting, delicate and as bloomin’ botanical as it gets. And to show you exactly what we’re talking about…

Here are the best gins you NEED to be drinking this summer.


There’s no doubt about it, Tanqueray’s newest number is a Spanish holiday in a bottle.

With the sophisticated sweetness you’d expect from a gin made with famously zesty Seville oranges, Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla captures the romance of sun-soaked Spanish orange groves, and is guaranteed to take you straight to the source – no plane ticket required.

Fruity yet bittersweet at the same time, we’ve put plenty of Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla into our super-sweet Sunrise Punch, so take a sip and feel like you’re suddenly sunbathing in the Mediterranean in no time at all. Win Win.


On Wednesdays, we drink Beefeater Pink.

Made with strawberries, strawberries, and then a few more strawberries, this is a gin that’s so loud you can taste it with your eyes. And when you do actually take a sip, be prepared to find a light and lively treat with enough berry flavours you’ll find it’s perfect for summer sipping.

In fact, we find Beefeater Pink works wonderfully with the sharpness of lemon and the sweetness of pineapple, which is exactly why we paired all these flavours in our delightfully old school and totally delicious Parma Violet cocktail. So go bold and drink pink ASAP.


If you know your gin, then you know that Hendrick’s gin needs no introduction.

Easily the best thing to come out of Scotland since Irn Bru and the phrase ‘taps off’ – this is the original G&T spirit, thanks to the deliciously infused duet of rose petal and cucumber working so well with the sharp flavours of tonic water.

Want to taste just what we mean? Try our Rose Garden G&T today, a mix guaranteed to get you in the mood for mischief.


It’s about time you were properly introduced to the most popular gin in the world.

A gin with a subtle, aromatic flavour that isn’t overwhelming on any of the botanicals, Bombay Sapphire is the ideal gin for mixing into any cocktail. And that’s why we’ve added it to our favourite cocktails. Again and again and again. Try it in our exceedingly good Bakewell Tart cocktail, a perfect mix that even Mary Berry would be proud of.


Produced in the heart of Plymouth since 1793 and created in the oldest distillery in the country, it’s safe to say that Plymouth gin is a spirit soaked in history.

Sweeter than the London dry style of gin that is literally everywhere these days, this is a gin that’s smooth, slightly spicy and packed to the brim with more crisp citrus notes than you can shake a lemon at. This means it’s a little bit incredible in a G&T, but when you stick it in a cocktail?

Get ready for a magical, mouthwatering mix, A.K.A. our sweet Go Sloe, with Plymouth gin and Mr Lyan Superfly soda creating a blend you won’t forget in a hurry.


Aviation is a gin brand part-owned by Ryan Reynolds. Yes, Ryan Reynolds. That one. The one in Deadpool. The one with the chiselled face. The one you fancy. The one your mum fancies. The one your dad probably fancies if he’s really honest with himself. Ryan Reynolds. With a net worth of $65 million. Give or take. And a jawline delivered from Zeus himself. Ryan Reynolds.

So, be honest, do you really care about the beautiful lavender flavours of this gin? The subtle notes of coriander? The way we used it to create a beautiful balance of sweet and sharp in our new American Bramble?

No. You do not care. You are still looking at the picture we used of Ryan Reynolds. And we do not! Blame you!


What do you get when you take the richest of British traditions, the exoticism of India and the kind of purity that can only be found in Germany’s Black Forest?

Well, that’s easy, you get Monkey 47 gin. The only gin brand utilising cranberries as an and packed with 47 (it’s in the name!) different botanicals and coming out at a cool 47% ABV (these guys really love the number 47!), this is one of the more unusual gins you’ll come across. But when you garnish it with lemon and mint, add Fever-Tree tonic water and call it a Monkey Business, it creates a G&T so good it’ll make you swing from the trees. So there’s that.


Got a new favourite gin you simply need to try? Or do you wanna work your way through the whole lot of ’em?

Well, get down here and decide! Not only do we stock all these brands, but we also feature each and every one of ’em in our brand new GIN FEST cocktails!

So book a table and let the good times beGIN!

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