Listen, we’re not going to go all militant about this. Proper partying is all about the good times, it’s not about rules. We know that. Chill out.

But if we can all just sign up to a few teensy little codes of conduct then it’s going to be better for everyone. Trust us, we’ve been doing this a while. We know our shizzle.

1. Talk to the people you’re out with. Not the imaginary people who live in your phone.


2.A drunk mind doesn’t always speak a sober heart. Sometimes it just chats a load of drunk.


3.If you don’t want it tagged on Facebook, don’t do it. Unless it’s really frikking funny.


4.Have a strategy. Know where you’re going. The weekend moves fast. You gotta have a plan.


5.If you offer to buy someone a drink and they say no, they don’t like you. If you offer to buy someone a drink and they say yes, they may also not like you. Confusing, right?


6.Anyone walking through the bar with three or more drinks has right of way.


7.Throw shapes. Release the dancefloor beast. Give it all you got. This is your time. And you’re awesome.

dancing gif

Agreed? So, now we’re all clear on the rules and regulations let’s show the mother funking working week what we’re made of, and party like it’s the weekend (which it is).

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