The weekend is almost over and it’s time to start thinking about going back to work. So to give you a few LOLs (and because of our hangover we can’t face proper effort) here are some images of Yeezy looking sad and not at all set for a hard days graft.

I forgot how much I love the morning commute.

Kanye in fur

Breakfast while waiting for the bus. Oh joy. 

Kanye Eating Alone

“Yes boss, super-glad to be back at work.”

Kanye Interview

I’m so happy we’re doing this team building day.

Kanye Helmet

Using my lunch hour to exchange this rubbish present. Radical.

Kanye Returning an item

She seems really pleased to be back at work. Blue is not her colour.

Kanye looking

At least I didn’t forget to buy that laptop bag this weekend. Oh.

Kanye with laptop

Are you feeling as sad as Kanye at the prospect of returning to work? Don’t worry! Our awesome new drinks menu will cheer you right up.

How does that sound for you, Mr West?


Kanye Happy

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