When it comes to flavours, humans are obsessed with variety. Think about it – cows happily munch on the same stuff day in and day out, without so much as asking for a pinch of salt.

Humans on the other hand, are ridiculous. Go to any supermarket, and there’ll be a whole aisle dedicated to crisps. CRISPS. About 50 varieties or something crazy.

But we’re not complaining. Take one look at our cocktail menu and you’ll know we’re huge fans of variety. Not to mention our insane range of Vodka Flavours.

But believe it or not, there are still some…unusual…cocktails we don’t offer in our menu. Check a few of them out here.

The Bermuda Black

So this is kind of like a Dark ‘N Stormy, except the black layer at the top isn’t formed using rum. This one is made with stout instead. That’s right – a cocktail with beer in it. Sounds weird, but hey, we won’t knock it until we’ve tried it, and neither should you.

Bobby Burns

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Whisky. Martini Rosso. Bitters. Absinthe. That sounds more like a recipe for disaster than a cocktail, but we’ll trust that the Scottish are sensible when it comes to their drinking, right? It is one of their national cocktails, after all.

Gin Pesto

This recipe might sound like bolognese in a glass, but the refreshing blend of herb and citrus really does let you see basil in a new light.

Chicha Sour


This purple Peruvian wonder is made from pisco (a South American grape liquor), lemon and Peru’s very own purple corn. It’s a dry, citrusy sweet delight, and we guarantee you’ve never tried anything like it. Get the recipe here.



This Canadian savory speciality is a bit like a Bloody Mary, aside from one key ingredient. In addition to the tomato juice, celery salt and vodka, the Canadians like to throw in a generous helping of CLAM BROTH. So yeah, because everyone likes their cocktail a bit fishy, right? Here’s the recipe – if you dare.


You know you’re dealing with a stiff cocktail when not a single one of the ingredients doesn’t contain alcohol. Here we have a whisky-intensified Negroni – it’s bitter, it’s strong, and it’ll make you feel like a true connoisseur.

Sourtoe Cocktail

Screenshot 2016-02-01 at 16.22.02

Not really a cocktail – but if we’re doing a list about weird drinks, this HAS to be on there.

This cocktail has a very special ingredient in it – an actual human toe. Yeah, seriously. It’s served up by a famous bar in Canada, and we reckon it’s one toe-tally disgusting experience (sorry about that).

Has this selection of wonderfully odd cocktails got you in the mood for something a little bit different? Or are you after something altogether more simple now?

Whatever you’re after we’ve got it covered in our menu. Or if you fancy really taking it up a notch, why not learn how you can make your own at our cocktail masterclass?

Forget rum and coke. You’ll be concocting your very own weird concoctions in no time.

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