We love food, and quite frankly, we’re suspicious of anyone who doesn’t.

We wish we were joking, but when there’s so much incredible food in the world it really does baffle us when we meet someone who’s not into it. But we know you guys aren’t like that – that’s why we get on so well.

And to bolster the foodie bond we share, here’s a list of 9 cities that are basically massive concrete buffets thanks to the load of awesome food they have on offer.

New York, USA

Take a population of immigrants from all around the world and splice that with the American dream (and an American appetite) and what do you get? An awesome selection of foods from all over the world done BIG. Wings, ribs, steaks, fries, noodles, curries, burritos, tapas, sushi – it really doesn’t matter what you like,  New York will have somewhere that nails it.

Bangkok, Thailand

In Bangkok, there’s a saying – wherever there are people, there is food. This means that there’s A LOT of street food available. Freshly cooked using locally sourced ingredients and absolutely bursting with flavour, Thai cuisine isn’t done better anywhere else. We’d recommend trying a pad thai – it’s up to you to find the best vendor though, as this tangy, sweet, nutty noodle dish is incredibly popular.

London, UK

There isn’t really much you can say about English cuisine – it’s often boiled and bland or deep fried. However, thanks to London’s status as a multi-cultural capital, there simply isn’t a cuisine that it doesn’t have covered. You’ll find what you’re looking for, whether it’s from a street vendor in Borough Market or a swanky restaurant in Soho.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo recently overtook France in the number of Michelin starred restaurants, and that’s because Tokyo loves food. Whether you want to pick up a quick ramen noodle soup form a street vendor or taste the best sushi in the world in a top-notch restaurant, this Japanese metropolis has you covered.

Rome, Italy

Restaurants are so popular in Italy, they have three types of them. Visit Rome and you can pick up a regional carbonara (egg yolk, cheese and pancetta) pasta at either a ristorante, a trattoria or an osteria. Each one is a little less formal than the last, but they all serve up awesome food – which is really all that matters.

Paris, France

Need we say more? French cuisine is world renowned for being the best in the world, and even though you might struggle to think of a dish that is typically French (apart from Frog’s legs, obviously), you realise that it’s because the French basically invented everything you know about fine dining, from methods of seasoning to outstanding table service.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico’s population is one of the most obese in the world, and we don’t blame them when their street food markets are this full of freshly cooked Mexican eats. Nachos, burritos, enchiladas, tacos – the list goes on and on, and if you like your food with more than a bit of a kick, Mexico City is the place for you.

Are you getting hungry now? We are.

It’s a damn shame that most of these food heavens require us to travel long distances to sample their delights. Obviously, it’s totally worth it, but life just gets in the way.

To make up for it, we’d recommend checking out our menu to see what our kitchen can do for you. It is, after all, inspired by many of the cities on this list. So don’t worry – we can hook you up with your travelling foodie fix.

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