Plans are like trousers. It’s sensible to have some, but if they’re way too tight and restrictive they’ll end up ruining your whole day.

That’s why when it comes to summer, we prefer to have one plan. And that’s to have no plans. We find that strikes the perfect balance.

Or at least, it’s good to plan where you’re going to have no plans. Here are a few awesomely carefree suggestions.

Lost Village Festival, UK

Take a massive forest in Lincolnshire. Pepper them with 72 hours’ worth of live acts and DJ sets. Add 5000 partygoers. Remove all worries and concerns. What do you get? A wildly unique festival experience that you’ve got no choice but to get lost in.

Full Moon Party at Ko Pha Ngan Island, Thailand

It started in 1985 as a 30-person party on the beach set up by a hostel to keep its occupants entertained. Now, it’s a mega party attended by over 5000 tourists yearly. Grab a vodka bucket and get ready to party all night under the mystical light of a full moon. Perfect.

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

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You might need an extra bit of dolla for this trip, but it’s totally worth it. San Pedro de Atacama desert is the driest, most cloudless desert in the world, which means that it has the clearest view of the stars available on earth.

Originally, its only visitors were astronomers looking for a clear view, but it’s grown into a makeshift village for tourists to visit and hide from the civilisation and become at one with the universe.

Glastonbury 2016, UK

One of the biggest music festivals in the world. Just try and make plans here. With a capacity of 175,000 people, there’s literally too much going on to apply any structure to it. Let your hair down and enjoy the ride and the incredible line-up (if you manage to get tickets of course. If not, get ready to enjoy a generous helping of FOMO).

Byron Bay, Australia

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The ultimate world-famous surf-party destination. If you’re looking to spend a summer surfing all day and partying all night, and maybe throwing the occasional shrimp on the occasional barbie, this is the best place to do it.

Outlook Festival, Croatia

Set in an abandoned fort next to a perfectly serene beach lying along the Adriatic sea, Outlook festival is made for partygoers who want to lose an entire summer weekend to a sonic barrage of dance music and insanely good vibes.

The Strangles, Cornwall, UK

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If you’re on a budget but you still want your own little secret place in the sun, visit Cornwall’s best kept beach secret. Dramatically high cliffs shield you from boring old civilisation, leaving you on a private beach with nothing but the sea and the sun for company. Gather some driftwood, start a fire, turn off your phone and chill out to a perfect sunset.

Lost in Summer Big Weekend, Revolution

Because obviously. Cocktails, company, incredible food and a party atmosphere that begs you to switch off from civilisation. We’ve even mixed up an exclusive set of Lost Summer premium Stoli vodka cocktails to really help you cast yourself away into the sunny feel-good vibes.

If you fancy getting in on our long weekend of boundlessly carefree fun, what are you waiting for?

Book in advance and get ready to lose yourself in summer.

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