This is a public service announcement.

We’ve been hearing reports of excitable partygoers indulging in drinking games before a night out.

Whilst we understand the need to get into the party spirit prior to a mad one at the club, it has been brought to our attention that some of the drinking games being played are excessively fun, resulting in irresponsibly positive party vibes.

As advocates of responsible drinking, we’re doing our duty by highlighting a number of notoriously fun drinking games that you shouldn’t play under any circumstances.

Straight Face

Everybody gets a piece of paper. Write down a sentence that is absolutely absurd in any way you can think of. Put it into a hat and everyone takes turns drawing one out. You have to read the sentence without breaking a smile, or drink.

It’s a cheeky way of, for example, confessing to your mate that it was you who kissed his girlfriend in the club that time.

Edward Beerhands

Everybody duct tapes a bottle of beer to their hands. No one is allowed to take them off until they’ve drunk every last drop, even for bathroom breaks or emergencies. No excuses.

Game of Thrones: The Drinking Game

Watch any episode of Game of Thrones. When Jon Snow does something noble, you drink. Whenever Tyrion Lannister burns someone with his sharp wit, you drink. Whenever someone gets betrayed, you drink. Whenever someone dies, you drink.

Basically, you don’t stop drinking.
The Centurion

Get a countdown timer. Set it to 100 minutes. Get a bunch of shot glasses. Everyone involved has to take a shot of beer every 1 minute until 100 minutes is up.

Kind of sounds easy right? Well – it’s not.

Flip cup

Get two teams of equal numbers. You each get a plastic cup. Fill it with beer. Stand in two lines facing each other across a table. One by one, each of you has to finish your beer as quickly as possible before flipping your cup into an upright position after balancing it upside down on the edge of a table. The first team to finish wins.

This gets very intense, very quickly.

Lil Wayne: The Drinking Game

Listen to any Lil’ Wayne song. Whenever he says anything remotely derogatory towards women, you drink.

Basically, you don’t stop drinking.

Beer Pong

The ultimate college drinking game.

It’s a simple setup. One vs one. Throw your ping pong balls into each other’s beer-filled cups, forcing your opponent to drink loads of beer.

This is the game you need for the ultimate brodown showdown.

Drink the beer

The most dangerous drinking game in the world. So dangerous, we can’t legally put it into words. So we’ll let Family Guy do it for us.

There you have it. Those are the most fun drinking games around, and we’re warning you with every inch of our consciences not to ever even think of playing them.

Play it safe, and book a table with us for a round of cocktails. We’ll promise to take care great care of you.

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