So, by a show of hands, who else feels like they’re still hangin’ from 2016?

Yep, we thought as much.

Chances are, you were sure 2017 was going to be your year. We get it. The New Year’s resolutions were on point, written down and for once, actually, just possibly, do-able. But then you had to leave the house. And then… just nah.

Don’t worry. We’ve been there and (as experts in curing hangovers) we’ve come together to get your GOALS 2017 back on track. So if it’s been double-bubble-sambuca-shot-bad or just-plain-old-tap-water-boring, here’s a few easy peasy ways to make 2017 your best year yet.

1. Ditch those resolutions

Set drastic resolution. Experience short-term success. Almost without fail, crash back into the usual routine of eating chocolate bourbons while bingeing Netflix. Encounter familiar stomach ache brought on by guilt and too many biscuits. Rinse and repeat next year.

Sound familiar? If you haven’t already, it’s time to say buh-bye to those b*stard New Year’s resolutions.

Why go through it again? Ditch all demanding life upheavals for small, simple changes that promote good habits. Sorted.

2. See the world on a budget

You know you’d love to get away this year, and ‘gramming some exotic adventures would certainly perk up your 2017. But who can afford it?

Well, you’d be surprised. With budget flights and more alternative lodging options than ever before, travelling to Europe and beyond is possible without putting a kidney on eBay. Do your research and you could soon find yourself gulping down gelato, under a veranda in Rome, with all your organs intact. Ciao!

3. Change your sheets, change your life

This is a no-brainer and anyone who cannot understand that fresh bedding equates to happiness does not deserve a prosperous 2017.

Just kidding.

But seriously, fresh clean bedding is life. Wash your sheets.

4. Do something you’ve never done before

Now, we’re not talking about finishing a game of Monopoly or reading all the terms and conditions before clicking gleefully clicking ‘Agree’. Nobody has ever done those things.

2017 is the year to try skydiving. Or maybe climb a mountain. Alternatively, if you aren’t the outdoorsy-type, you finish that game of Monopoly – just try one game without robbing the bank!

5. Be a YES man

Or woman! Okay, so some things are easy to say yes to. Yes, I’m hungry. Yes, I’m coming out tonight. Yes, I will have another Mojito. You don’t even have to think about that one, the yes just kinda pops out, in a puff of sweety, minty agreement.

But what if you are ever in two minds about going out for a night on the town? Fear not, you don’t always have to say yes.

Instead try hell yeah, sure thang, yuppers, fo ‘shizzle or if you’re really on the fence… uh huh. They all work just the same!

6. Become a cocktail master

2017 is the year you finally become self-sufficient. Well, kinda.

Forget vegetable patches and raising chickens in a coop at the end of the garden. That all seems like a lot of effort if you ask us. Instead, stand on your own two feet by learning how to mix, shake and pour your own favourite cocktail. Tada!

When it comes to mixology, we like to think we know a thing or two. So if you find yourself pining after a Pornstar Martini or longing for a Long Island Iced Tea, we’ll help you out – keep your eyes peeled for our cocktail recipe posts, or even better… Book a masterclass!

7. Make your life more Hygge

If the 2016 hangover still feels like you’ve drunk the volume of a small alcoholic lake, it might be time to try the new Scandi craze taking over our winter. How? HYGGE.

WTH is hygge? Basically, it’s sipping on cocoa in cosy, candlelit living rooms. Snuggling down, smothered in blankets in your bedroom, warm, wonderful and loved. That’s hygge. It’s kinda like the human version of hibernation – only it’s all the mind.

To get the skinny on how to hygge every aspect of your life, we’ve done you a handy DIY hygge guide.

8. Learn to love thyself

Ok, so you might not be the Queen of Pop (or have an ass like Minaj) but feeling good about yourself comes from within. Self-love (no, not like that you sicko) is the key to being confident, positive and proactive, in everything you do.

Your best bet? Hit the ‘restart’ button on all your bullsh*t and tell yourself you CAN kick ass. Do something nice for somebody else – ’cause random acts of kindness always make you feel good about yourself.

And if all else fails? Dance around your room in your pants. Nobody’s watching, we swear.

If you’ve tried out one (or ALL) of these tips but your 2017 is still proving to be duller than listening to somebody else’s dream… Don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

As usual, we’re superman swooping to your rescue with some lovely boozy beverages and by GOD some of the sickest weekend shindigs around. With 2-4-1 cocktails and a brand new food menu in bar, it’s time to hit up your nearest Revolution for a party from the people who know how.

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