You’re mum is awesome, and she totally deserves more than a box of chocolates this Mother’s Day.

Let’s be honest – considering all the years of effort she’s sank into making sure you’re a halfway decent human being, handing her a chocolate heart with ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ written on it in icing is tantamount to some kind of ironic insult.

But whilst you’re thinking out of the box, here are a few gifts you should definitely avoid giving your mum this Mother’s Day.

A picture of you

She’s literally seen you pretty much every day of her life for the last two decades. Don’t pollute her private moments of solace by making her look at a picture of your ugly mug.

A rubbish meal

Cooking a meal for your mother is a very loving gesture, a sacrifice of time and effort made for the one who gave you life.

Just make sure you get it right. It doesn’t matter how much love you made the meal with, if it’s underseasoned and lacking flavour, all you’re giving your mum is a taste of regret over having had you.

The Life of Pablo

‘But mum, the self-referential poetry of Kanye West truly reflects the profundity of the bond between mother and child – that’s why I wanted you to listen to it’.

Don’t buy your mum presents you want. It’s not cool.

Rubbish booze

If you’re going to get your mum a bottle of something, make sure it’s decent.

We’re not saying only Grey Goose will do. But we are saying that Cherry Lambrini is nothing more than a artificially flavoured reminder that you still don’t understand how much she’s done for you.

A new car

Unless you’re somehow absolutely wadded, don’t take our advice too far and buy your mum something you can’t afford.

It might seem like a nice thing, but if you can’t afford to go to uni anymore because you bought her a new Audi with your student loan, it kind of defeats the point of her raising you in the first place.

A poem

Unless you’re able to produce an ode to motherly love that will be remembered for generations to come, don’t go down this route.

Even if you have worked on it for weeks, all a poem says is ‘sorry mum, I forgot to plan in advance, so here’s a piece of paper that I wrote some words on last night’.

A gift voucher

There’s nothing wrong with a gift voucher, but Mother’s Day is really made for meaningful gestures.

Hint: Giving your mum what is essentially a £20 note with a Boots logo on it isn’t really meaningful.

Tickets to the wrong concert

Getting your mum a pair of tickets to one of her favourite acts can be the perfect present, but you’ve GOT to get it right.

If you buy her Ronan Keating tickets because she liked that one song she liked about a roller coaster, well – that’s just ruining a perfectly good Saturday night.

We hope that’s helped to eliminate some of the worse options out there.

After all, your mum is pretty special really, and she deserves something awesome to make her happy about having had you.

We’d recommend bringing her to Revolution for a meal. You’ll get to spend quality time together, and we’ll cook her up a meal fit for a queen.
And if worst comes to worst, you can ply her with awesome cocktails, which is a quick way of making anyone really happy.

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