Elegant, choreographed and oh-so-utterly-predictable. Three phrases that definitely DO NOT describe the bonkers Brit Awards.

For nearly three decades, the Brits have been lovingly mixing vast amounts of alcohol, super-awks-presenters, sh*tfaced acceptance speeches and the odd horrorshow of a live performance, resulting in a truly unique awards show.  

We’re buzzing for the Brits, and to get you on our level, we’re rounding up the 8 most memorable Brit Awards moments ever. No, we’re not talking about Adele’s emotional performance of Someone Like You (even though we’re still crying, btw).

Nah, we’re obvs all about the cringeworthy controversy. So sit back, grab the popcorn and get ready to relive the kind of moments that make the Brits worth watching.

Liam Gallagher being a total Liam Gallagher

In truth, there were a few Liam Gallagher moments from the Brits that we could have chosen, but his speech in 2010 was something else. Accepting Oasis’ award for Best British Album of the past 30 years, it had literally everything.

Open speech with aggressive, patronising demand, i.e. ‘Listen, kids’? Check.

Thank every member of Oasis except the bulk songwriter a.k.a your own brother? Check.

Dangerously throw microphone into the crowd? Also Check.

Get called a kn*bhead by national treasure, Peter Kay? That’s a full house.

Adele gets aggy

At the peak of Adele’s brilliant ascent to worldwide superstardom, her acceptance speech for winning ‘British Album of the Year’ should have been a truly #blessed moment.

Well, shoulda been. We all know what happened when a truly-terrified looking James Corden made his way over to the gushing Adele… cue the East End burd flippin’ the bird.

In the end it probs turned out to be amazing PR and made us all love her that little bit more, but we bet she still cringes when she thinks about it.  

Too-much-Material Girl

The Queen of Pop, wearing an Armani cape, surrounded by dancers dressed as err… we’re gonna say rather devilish-looking minotaurs… was always going to be interesting.

But when said cape suffered a wardrobe ‘malfunction’, it created one of the most legendary (and LOLs) Brits moments like, ever.

Despite her tumble, it’s hard to not give Madonna props for getting back up and delivering a truly cape-tivating performance.

Sorry, Madge.

It’s Joss Stone’s new accent, y’all

So, just to get this straight… Joss Stone is from Devon.

Devon. Home to cream tea, traditional English cottages, quaint medieval towns and rolling green hills. Basically, about as British as it gets.

So, when she presented the award for Best British Male with a broad American drawl, accompanied by the odd ‘aww-shucks’ and ‘gee golly-gosh’, it was all just a bit… weird.

And well awks.

Jarvis Cocker flashing his… er, bum

Ah, the mid-’90s. Ross and Rachel finally got together, Pluto was still a planet and global politics wasn’t played out through Twitter hashtags… It was a much simpler time.

Well, except when you look back at Michael Jackson’s performance of Earth Song at the 1996 Brits. In protest against the King of Pop’s act (also a protest, where Jacko dressed as a Christ-like figure, surrounded by a stage of children in rags, singing over real life video footage of poverty in Africa) Jarvis Cocker stormed the stage.

He pulled a few faces, flashes his bum to the crowd and generally caused a nuisance, before being wrestled away from the cameras by one of MJ’s dancers (costumed as an aboriginal tribesman, naturally).

Yeah, a dead simple time.

Sharon goes full Ozzy

This is what the Brits is all about.

A hammered host shouting at a p*ssed presenter, before openly mocking a group of wasted winners doing their best to get through a slurred acceptance speech.

You just don’t get this kind of thing happening at the Grammys. And you know what, we wouldn’t change it for the world.

The award for most awkward presenters goes to…

The Brits are well known for their use of unlikely celebrity pairings to present the awards.

Think Cesc Fabregas and Nicole Scherzinger. Jessie J and Jack Whitehall. Tom Daley and Jonathan Ross.

With all these in mind, the pairing of Lewis Hamilton and Ellie Goulding didn’t seem that left field really. But OMG was it awks. The crap attempts at flirting. The unresponsive crowd. The wooden jokes.

We feel terrible even sharing this video.

And BTW, after this pairing, we’re fully expecting Jeremy Corbyn and Miley Cyrus to be presenting an award this year.

Kanye debuts his new track… In Morse Code

Well… we think Kanye debuted his new track. It wasn’t completely clear as ITV chose to mute 80% of his performance because of the language used.

At least there was a lot to look at. A huge crowd on stage. Flamethrowers. Taylor Swift doing her own brand of awkward dancing and Lionel Richie not having a clue what was going on. All Night Long. Plus, the look on his face was priceless.

Song didn’t even need the sound, tbh.


Now, we can’t confirm that any of this TV GOLD will take place this year. Who knows? The Brits could become the elegant, choreographed and predictable affair at last… And end up boring as hell. Are you willing to take that risk?

Course not, get it on catch up and come have a guaranteed OMG night by visiting your nearest Revolution instead.

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