We love a hashtag as much as the next brand.

Pretty much every time we come up with a cool idea some bright spark in the office is all like: “what’s the hashtag?” and then we get to sit around for about three hours thinking about it.

We’re #millennials. We can’t help ourselves.

But every now and again a hashtag goes wrong. Like, really wrong. And we kind of like that even more. OMG, does it make us LOL.

#FridayFeeling is one of those that can get a bit weird. Here are some of our faves…

1. Ok, so… not really seeing the link here but, whevs…

2. This guy. All day.

3. “We need a hashtag”. “And a dog”. This is the world we live in people.


5. This dude kind of sums up everything I am feeling right now.

        6. But also this.


8. Whatever the internet has to say. You made it. We salute you. #FridayFeeling..

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