Sometimes it feels as though the universe is working against you.

We’re talking literally here. Today for example – we get one extra day every four years, and thanks to some kind of cosmological nonsense it happens to fall on a Monday. Nice one, universe, you jerk.

However, luckily we’re here to guide you through this unusually cruel phenomenon with our guide to getting the most out of this extra day.

Call up an old mate

We’ve all got one of those friends that you know you love to pieces but haven’t been able to find any time to see them, or even speak to them. Go on – give ‘em a call, and stoke the embers of friendship once again.

Download Duolingo and learn Mandarin

Or French. Or Italian. Or even Arabic. Thanks to the Duolingo app, it’s become genuinely feasible for you to learn a whole new language on the go. Imagine being the bilingual guy in your friend group. Yeah – you could be that guy.

Go for a few drinks

Best way to cure Leap Monday Blues? Pretend it’s not a Monday.

Obviously, you can’t skip work, but you can go straight to a Revolution afterwards and get the most our of your extra day with a few cocktails.

Monday night dinner

Don’t go home and warm up some fish fingers – Captain Birdseye might look friendly but he cares nothing for the wellbeing of your soul. Change the game up by going out for a meal on a Monday, and feel liberated.

We’d recommend our kitchen, where we just happen to be offering up 50% off all food.

Catch a movie

Ever since Orange Wednesdays were cruelly taken from us, it really doesn’t matter which night of the week you go to the cinema. So why not go tonight? We’ve heard Deadpool is awesome.

Retail therapy

Hit the high street and take advantage of those later opening hours. There’s definitely something you’ve had your eye on for a while but couldn’t justify purchasing. Well – the universe has screwed us all out of an extra day, so we’d say that’s a good enough reason to buy yourself some joy.

Take a diet break

If you’re stuck in the midst of a very depressing diet, take heed of this. Technically, most diets are based around the assumption that the year is 365 days long, which kind of makes today a free day! Right?

Don’t over think this one. Just grab a chocolate bar and trust that we know what we’re on about.


If you’re struggling to overcome the grief of losing this extra day to the miserable wrath of Monday, you’re going to have to turn inwards to extract some of that inner peace.

Well – it’s either that or punching the first person who dares to annoy you, which is probably a very bad idea.

As you can see, all is not lost. You can still squeeze a lot out of the extra day if you try to, even if work is getting in the way.

Obviously, you could guarantee yourself an awesome Leap Day without even trying by popping in to your closest Revolution.

It’s an actual proper scientific fact that our cocktails and food are guaranteed to increase your happiness levels by 603%, so what are you waiting for?

*Disclaimer: No actual scientific research was conducted in the formulation of this figure. In fact, it was made up on a purely intuitive basis.

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