The rise of craft beer has been epic in proportion, moving from California across the world, so we decided it was time to tell its curious tale…

To start the story of the craft brewing movement we need to take you back to 1960s America, when traditions and styles of beer were limited, breweries were disappearing and imports were rarely stocked. The earlier years of prohibition had all but killed off the industry.

The people wanted more; more flavour, diversity and history.  And so a grass-roots home-brewing culture emerged and championed by the people, the craft beer industry was born.

Early pioneers such as Fritz Maytag helped inspire change. Maytag invested in Anchor Brewery in a bid to save his favourite beer ( now that’s true love). Soon enough he was brewing authentic, artful beers and reintroducing lost styles. The Anchor brewery became the first craft brewery since prohibition and sparked a beer revolution.

Britain played a big part too. Jack McAuliffe, often heralded as the father of American craft beer, was inspired to start the New Albion Brewing Company in San Francisco after he fell in love with ales and stouts while working in Scotland. By now, America  and not just the hipsters, had a taste for craft, and brewers turned their hobbies at home into microbrewery businesses.


We’ve come a long way since those questionable home kits. From the  hoppy Vienna-style Brooklyn Lager to Chimay, brewed within the walls of a Trappist Monastery, we’ve chosen a selection that’s crafted to perfection in the world’s finest breweries. Thirsty? Book a table to sample the menu here. 

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