Those crazy cats at ABSOLUT are always pushing the boundries when it comes to the design of their iconic vodka bottle. Earlier this year, they celebrated all things ‘Laandaan’ with the limited edition ‘ABSOLUT LONDON‘ by teaming up with Gorillaz designer, Jamie Hewlett and now (in time for the official party season) they have unveiled one of their most challenging concepts to date. Say hello to ABSOLUT UNIQUE, where no two bottles are the same?!

Yup, every single bottle in the ABSOLUT UNIQUE collection is a one of a kind, work of vodka art. That is 4 million ABSOLUT UNIQUE bottles in total. We take our hats to them for pulling off such ambitious plan that flies in the face of the mass produced and makes each bottle feel lovingly made.

Order your own unique work of art at Revolution Vodka Bars today and raise a glass (or a bottle) to the ABSOLUT team for raising the bar once again, big ups.

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