Jennifer Lawrence is awesome. There’s no point denying it. Not only is she one of the most successful and critically acclaimed young actresses in the world, she also seems like a really genuine, level-headed person, a rare feat for someone who enjoyed so much success so young (unlike our young friend Jaden Smith – who has actually claimed to be as revolutionary as Galileo).

With The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 hitting cinemas next week, we wanted to commemorate the occasion with this reminder of all the times J-Law showed us just how awesome she is.

That time she was so smart she graduated high school 2 years early

She left high school 2 years early with a 3.9 GPA, which is like the UK equivalent of straight A*s. Almost annoyingly impressive.

That time she kicked ass at acting

Nominated for an Academy Award at 19. Wins one at 21. Her performance in the Hunger Games trilogy was praised for being the main reason for its wild success. Yeah, she’s become known as one of the best actors in the world…

… without ever receiving any acting tuition

J-Law is arguably one of the best actors of her generation, and she never stepped foot in an acting class. She claims she learned just from observing other people’s emotions. So she’s like, totally empathetic and understanding too.

Oh well, with that kind of brainpower and acting genius, she must be a weird eccentric, right?

No. Jennifer Lawrence is really, really cool. For example…

That time she was hilarious over and over and over again

Whether it’s her willingness to take the piss out of herself or her adorably humble reactions to being in the presence of other celebrities, J-Law proves once again that she’s a cool, normal person trapped in a super celebrity’s body.

That time she gave the perfect response to her leaked private pictures

Typical A-lister response: Panic, deny, panic, deny again, panic, admit the truth, apologize, go into PR overdrive to protect image, fake smile for the camera hoping people forget everything.

J-Law response: Tells everyone that the only people who should be ashamed are those who continue to violate her privacy by viewing the pictures. Sorted.

That time she totally addressed the issue of the gender pay gap in Hollywood

Most actors don’t like to risk upsetting Hollywood at the risk of harming their careers, even if their morals are being compromised.

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t most actors, as this essay she published goes to show. Because J-Law doesn’t take any crap, especially if it’s due to nothing but her gender.

That time she used her powers for good

Jennifer Lawrence has a lot of money, but she knows there’s more to life than accumulating a personal fortune.

That’s why she donates to and actively campaigns for a load of different charities, including the World Food Programme, Feeding America and Project Thirst.

That time she spent every day being really beautiful but also really humble

A lot of the time, good looking people aren’t pleasant. J-Law shines as an example of someone who’s beauty is merely a cherry on top of her humble, intelligent personality.

Once again, there she goes, just casually setting the example for everyone again.

It’s true, it’s all about Jennifer Lawrence. She pretty much ticks every box, right? It would almost be annoying, if she wasn’t so damn nice.

We salute you, Ms Lawrence!

Note: Jennifer Lawrence has not endorsed, recommended or approved our products.

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