You’re in every weekend without fail. When you heard Thursday was the new Friday you were all over that too. Mondays are Mega, no matter how tough the rest of your week is and you wouldn’t book your birthday party anywhere else.

But what does it take to be a ‘regular’?

Here are our seven top ways to tell if you really do own the place:

1. The door staff know you by name

And they treat you like you’re their niece/nephew on a night out: making sure you get in a taxi when you’re a bit tipsy and (unfortunately) reminding you what you were up to the week before…

2. The staff know the flavours that make up your favourite six shot stick

Not only do the bar staff know you better than their own families, they also know the six specific flavours that you like: the perfect blend of chocolatey, fruity and sweet. But that doesn’t stop them throwing in the old chilli shot when you’re not looking… the rascals.

3. Your mates assume you are there

It’s Friday afternoon and nobody has text you yet to find out your plans for the weekend. To some people that would make for a pretty depressing evening, but not you! You just head down to Revs as soon as 5pm hits. They’ll know exactly where to find you. Let the weekend begin!

4. You tweet so much that @RevolutionBars follows you

You’re not just part of the furniture in the bar, you’re loving it online too. You tweet the bar, know all the hashtags and check in whenever you’re there. Your Revolution tweets get RTed on a regular basis and you’ve even had your own #ff. You’re a real social media butterfly.

5. The DJ knows your favourite tune

And even though it doesn’t fit into his playlist he will always play it just for you, so you can show off your best shapes and teach that dancefloor a lesson it won’t forget.

6. You have a cocktail for every mood

At the start of the night it’s a refreshing Mojito, Pornstar Martinis for when you’re feeling flirty and a Rev Bull to get the party started… You sure as hell know your way round a cocktail menu…

7. You’re a Facebook celeb

The bar’s Facebook photo gallery is full of pictures of you and your mates. If there’s a camera coming your way you have the pose all worked out. Chin down, eyes up, lean back, hands on hips… and pout! Just make sure you’re quick to untag the ones where it all goes horribly wrong…

Let us know… Are you a true Revolution Regular?

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