We all have that smug Facebook friend who seems to be constantly travelling.

Not doubt you’re treated to a picture every day of them chilling on a beach somewhere in southeast Asia, with a caption telling you to ‘start living your life and free your spirit by going travelling and never looking back blah blah blah’.

Of course, they gloss over the fact that their parents are paying for the whole trip, while you on the other hand have got the small concern of actually having to earn a living to survive.

But don’t worry. Thanks to our food menu, you can still afford to take your taste buds on a culinary world tour.

Strap in and get ready to go around the world in 10 food dishes.

Stop 1 – England – Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips with Men

All journeys start at home, so treat yourself to the ultimate English classic.

Beer-battered cod fillet, fat chips, mushy peas and tartar sauce. It’s so good, you’ll have to resist the urge to stay local forever.

Stop 2 – France – Duck Frites

Onwards we go towards France, the capital of fancy European cuisine.

This dish is composed of crispy duck leg with burnt orange glaze, fries and a side of pear, pecan & blue cheese salad.

If you never understood what made the French so popular in the kitchen, you certainly will after eating this posh delight.

Stop 3 – Spain – Calamari

The Spanish know how to get calamari right.

Delicious rings of tender squid deep fried, drizzled with lemon juice and served with a pot of aïoli.

They’re crispy, salty and absolutely perfect in every way.

Stop 4 – Italy – Pizza

Skinny Vodka Chicken Pizza

It wouldn’t be a culinary world tour without a stop in Italy to try one of our awesome pizzas.

It’s probably the most loved food in the world, and we reckon ours is the best (especially that one you’re looking at above, our famous Vodka Chicken Pizza).

Stop 5 – Greece – Pan-Fried Halloumi

If you haven’t tried Greek halloumi cheese before, prepare to regret how you’ve spent your days so far without it.

We keep it simple, letting the cheese speak for itself by sprinkling it lightly with chilli flakes and a dash of lemon juice.

Stop 6 – Egypt – Houmous

Now here’s a true taste of the middle-east.

It’s a famous chickpea blend that’s oh-so simple but oh-so delicious, and we serve ours with wholegrain & honey flatbread and crudités for your dipping pleasure.

Stop 7 – Thailand – Panang Chicken Curry

Discover the ridiculously enchanting tastes of Thailand offered up by our take on this famous curry.

Red, salty and sweet with a nutty peanut flavour, this is an experience your taste buds will not want to miss out on.

Stop 8 – Mexico – Chicken Burrito

Chicken Burrito

Next up, we traverse the Pacific ocean to bring you a delicious burrito packed with chicken, peppers, onions, corn, roquito peppers, mozzarella, smokinnaise, spicy chorizo sauce and quinoa.

Phew. That’s a lot of delicious ingredients in one tortilla wrap. The more the merrier, we say.

Stop 9 – USA – MacPhilly Cheese Steak

Mac Philly Cheese Steak

North we go towards the United States, and it would be rude of us not to pick up a classic MacPhilly Cheese Steak, packed to bursting with pulled beef brisket, mac ‘n’ cheese, smoked cheddar and mustard.

It’s pure indulgence. But hey, that’s good ol’ America for you.

Stop 10 – England (again) – Warm Apple Pie

Apple Pie

That’s it. The journey is over and we’re back at home.

It’s sad, but at least we’ve got this heartwarming English dessert waiting for you, bursting with sweet hot apple filling and served up with vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche and maple pecans.

There. That should cure your holiday blues.

See? Our food menu really is as good as a round-trip plane ticket across the world.

Plus, it’s a lot easier on your wallet thanks to all of our awesome deals throughout the week, such as 50% off food on Mondays and so much more.

Get to know the full itinerary here, and plan yourself another culinary adventure.

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