England’s first match of the World Cup is over. And we all know how it ended. But onwards and upwards, now we can look cautiously forward to their second game against Uruguay. It all kicks off at 8pm, but we’re starting early. This week, Thursday really is the new Friday.

No standing at the back while your pint gets warm. No queuing at the bar and missing goals (even if they are Uruguay’s) You can have your World Cup food and drinks package brought to your private area or booth.

Book your World Cup here and watch this young ballsy England squad, hopefully go out and attack, attack, attack!

Now, in homage to attacking football at its finest, and Holland’s 5-1 thumping of Spain on Friday night, here is our countdown of the 5 greatest World Cup batterings…..Enjoy!

5. Argentina 6-0 Serbia & Montenegro, 2006     

Serbia & Montenegro’s final World Cup in 2006 was not remembered for the 0 points they received in the group stages, but for a 6-0 drumming by Argentina, a game which featured quite possibly the greatest team goal ever seen in the finals. 25 passes and a placed side foot finish into the top corner. Quality!

4. France 3-0 Brazil, 1998

Despite the final of France 98 being remembered for top scorer Ronaldo having a convulsive fit on the eve of the game, France came out convincing winners, securing their first and only World Cup crown.

3. Germany 0-3 Croatia, 1998

Quite possibly the greatest upset in World Cup history! In 1998, first timers Croatia battered a quality German side to reach the semi-finals of the competition, with a little help from ‘Sukerman’. We have to admit, as an England fan, there is no greater satisfaction than watching the Germans getting absolutely trounced, so an embarrassment of this calibre deserved the number 3 position in our countdown.

2. Spain 1-5 Netherlands, 2014

Now to an entrant from this year’s competition. On Friday night, in a repeat of the 2010 World Cup final, Holland exacted the perfect revenge by hammering the world champions 5-1 in the opening game of group B. Take a look at this peach of a header from RVP, an early contender for goal of the competition….

1.England 4-2 West Germany, 1666

May not be 3-0 or 5-1, but we had to fit this in somewhere….


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