If you’re in charge of sorting out a Christmas party for work, here’s a quick word of warning.


We’re not trying to scare you or anything, but not booking your party in advance could prove to be a complete, unmitigated disaster.

Be unorganised at your own risk. But it might end up a little like this…

1. The venue is your office

faked enthusiasm at your christmas party

The guys in IT will want to kill you if they’re asked to unplug a bunch of tech for the karaoke machine you got in 1997. Throwing it in the back of the car last-minute seemed like a good idea.

This is where you’re wrong. Sorry, but no one wants to sing “Mambo No 5” in front of their colleagues. Thankfully at Revolution, we have better playlists that’ll keep you on your feet.

2. Your decorations will be toilet roll sashes

Yeah, just forget the special hats and fancy decorations restaurants have to offer, right? In your opinion, good old toilet roll will do. C’mon, you can do better than that, surely? People didn’t spend time looking festive to end up looking like a bin. It’ll be funny at first, but people won’t want to publish these photos on Facebook for the world to see how much of a duff it was.

3. Because you’re still in the office, tweets might go out on the wrong accounts

tweets from a corporate account
Alcohol + work computers = social media meltdown. Unfortunately, the best of us forget to logout of accounts. This accident can happen if you can’t be bothered to sort out a venue away from the office. You asked for it. Now you’ll have to deal with a client’s screenshots of your questionable party photos on their company twitter that should have been on Jenny’s. What a way to represent your business, eh?

4. The food will give people satanic stomach cramps

Those grey-looking party sausages and soggy pizzas you bulk-bought look and taste awful. You don’t want people using their toilet roll sashes for emergency purposes, do you? Food at parties is a huge part of the entire event. If you get it right, there’s variety and quality.
If you get it wrong, everyone will feel rough the next day. Leave it up to culinary experts like us to sort out your Christmas feasts.

5. The ‘cocktails’ are the result of a terribly mixed-up punch

christmas cocktails

No, don’t casually throw Tanya’s old grapes into the drinks to make them appear even the slightest bit impressive. Cocktails need fresh fruit, quality alcohol and playful glasses that people will be proud to hold. Fanta mixed with the office’s stashed 5-year-old vodka just won’t do.

6. People will misuse the photocopier

If you’ve not booked an impressive venue, what else are people going to do in an office when they’re wasted? That’s right, we all do things we shouldn’t. Expect photocopier arse prints. It’s safe to say people won’t appreciate finding the rogue hair on their meeting documents either.

7. The taxis will cost a bomb

If people commute to work, you’re going to have to shell out for their taxis home when they’re too drunk to walk. These alone can cost you more than a meal per head, so what’s the point? If you pick a central location which is close to different trains and easy to get to, it’ll be miles easier for people to wobble home.

Luckily, there is a way to avoid this disaster of a party. Be an ace boss and make it a night to remember – book your Christmas party venue with Revolution before it’s too late!

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