Autumn – it’s a season of change. Of frosty mornings giving way to afternoon sunlight. Of leaves discoloured to gold by their own quiet demise, and of pavements made crunchy with their delicate husks. It’s a season of blood red sunsets and rosy pink dawns, of memories made perfect by the celluloid tint of Autumnal joy.

At least it might be, if we lived in a Disney film. In reality, we’re stuck in the UK, and our autumns tend to be a pretty murky cocktail of wet, cold and grey.

Thankfully, it makes for a good excuse to look nice. With the weather not pulling its weight in the autumnal colours department, the responsibility falls to us, and to help you out we’ve put together a list of style essentials that’ll help you get into the autumn groove.

Long Sleeve Gloves

long sleeve gloves

Of course, it’s practical to wear gloves in autumn, but it can also be pretty damn elegant if they reach up to your elbow. Keep warm with these ones here.


Screenshot 2015-11-09 at 15.05.40

Fancy wearing black but concerned that you’ll be doing a lot of that in winter? Undercut the monochrome with a plaid look, where you can overlay some warm colours over the black for a truly autumnal blend. For the one above, look here.

Knee High Boots


Knee high boots can really add a touch of class for a particularly exquisite day out in the cold – do not shy away from them.

Puffer Coat

Screenshot 2015-11-09 at 14.28.53

This season, you’ll be seeing a lot of puffer coats with a lot happening for them, with bold colours and interesting designs aplenty, making it even more of a joy to slip into one on a cold day.

Chunky Knit Cardigan

Chunky Knit

Everyone wants a good excuse to cosy up in the chunkiest cardigan possible, and autumn is begging you to wear the warmest knit you can find. Just remember to even out the chunkiness with something tighter on the bottom – it’s possible to look TOO cosy, after all.

Long Line Blazer


Work doesn’t have to be boring – you can bring some warmth and elegance into the office with a long line blazer, which is just about the chicest thing you can wear right now. Grab one here.



Autumn is dominated by 70’s looks, and this is about the most retro of all. Because why should your neck miss out on the cosy action?

Oversized Coat

oversized jacket

Perhaps the ultimate autumn must-have this year, the oversized coat will go a long way to making you ultra cool and extra warm at the same time. A highly recommended purchase.

That’s our brief but effective style guide for this autumn. Take a couple of leaves out of our book for a less dreary, more Disney-like autumn experience.

Or if you want to experience autumn at its finest without blowing triple figures on an oversized coat, visit us and treat yourself to something from our autumn/winter menu – because if there’s one thing more important than fashion, it’s food.

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