NOTHING, repeat nothing, could be as embarrassing as when you were in primary school and called your teacher “mum,” causing the rest of the class to collapse in laughter and you to hide under your desk.

The thought still gives us shudders years later.

But with your most embarrassing moment safely behind you, surely the only way is up?
And with that thought comes a sense of relief, of freedom and endless possibilities.

Or at least you’d hope…

Unfortunately there’s a whole host of other grown-up, red-faced, clammy-hands, sweaty-bum moments just waiting to get you.

Here are a few of them. But at least we’re in it together.

1. When you wave to someone you know, they ignore you and you have to go for the hair stroke.


2. You’re sat on the toilet of the train. Then someone presses the open door button and your under carriage is revealed to the whole carriage like your ass is coming down the love lift on Take Me Out.

3. The ‘just tripped-up’ recovery. Some people laugh to themselves, others cover with a jog and some just act like nothing happened.


4. You’re with a new partner and  holding in a fart and your tummy makes THAT whale noise. You both know what it is but just pretend you’re hungry. FML.

5. Thinking you know someone and smiling at them before you realise that you’ve just intensely stalked them on Facebook and they have no actual idea who you are.

6. Accidentally liking someone’s photo on Instagram. Someone whose photos you definitely shouldn’t be looking at. Now you’ll probably have to dye your hair and leave the country.

unnamed (1)

7. When you’re rejected by an animal. Whether you’re trying to kiss a cat or playing on the floor with a dog. That moment when they get bored of you and swagger off is worse than being dumped.


8. Greeting anyone anywhere. Do you go for a kiss, the double kiss, a friendly hug or a formal  hand shake? Can we not just all agree on what we’re doing and everyone stick to the flamin’ rules?


9. Putting more than one kiss in a text message to your boss. It’s 2014 why can’t someone invent a text deleter?

10. Grabbing a rail or handle on the bus and accidentally holding someone’s hand. Was it just you or did you feel a spark?

See, it feels much better when you realise everyone’s equally as awkward. And it means you can make the most of the awkward face smiley.

You can share your #awks moments with our Twitter account: remember an awkward moment shared is an awkward moment halved…

xxxx (too much…? #awks)

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