As you can probably guess, we’re into beer. It’s refreshing, thirst-quenching, tasty and it does funny things to your brain that make you feel good.

Beer isn’t perfect of course. There was that one time it made you fall asleep on the night bus home and you woke up at 5am in Wigan town centre with a morbid hangover.

But part of the beauty of beer is that we’ll never fully understand our relationship with it. And why do you need to, when it tastes as good as the Vedett range of Belgian beer we have available?

So what’s it like then?

Vedett is made by the Duvel Moortgat brewing company as an even craftier alternative to it’s more well known Duvel golden pale ale. It is produced in three distinct varieties (Vedett Extra Blond, Vedett IPA and Vedett Extra White), all of which beg the drinker for a moment of intense appreciation to savour the depth and complexity of the flavours on offer.

In other words, this is posh, foreign stuff, so it’s not made for smashing down like a row of 10 chilli vodka shots – not that we’d ever recommend that either, of course.

Swill it. Savour it. Feel smug with a lovely Belgian craft beer in your hand. Because you’re awesome, and you deserve to drink beer that’s just as awesome as you. Pay us a visit and give it a try. Or if for some strange reason this one isn’t tickling your fancy, why not have a look at our drinks menu to see what other intoxicating delights we have on offer?  You won’t regret it.

At least not until the next day, anyway.

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