Be warned: this article will make your mouth water…

Our brand new food menu launched this week and we’ve been talking to Mark Rush, Executive Chef at Revolution about how he goes about developing the food offering and what’s to love about the new food menu.

So who is Mark?

Mark joined the Revolution team in October to lead the development of food across the whole business. He wanted to put the Revolution Kitchen on the map.  It’s involved a lot of research, which apparently includes more than simply eating lots of delicious food (shame), but it does mean a lot of time spent in the kitchen, which is fortunately where Mark feels right at home.  At the age of thirteen he was working in his Father’s restaurant and moved his way up the culinary ladder until, at the tender age of seventeen, he embarked on six years with the Royal Navy, cooking for the highest ranking officers before moving into the development side of the industry. He joined the Revolution team, alongside Food Development Manager Tina Long and eight hub chefs who are responsible for each area and, as Mark told us: “the guys have got skills!”

So, what’s to love on the new menu?

It’s food for the soul, slow cooked brisket, extravagant burgers and burritos, elaborate sauces, chicken wings, meatballs with blueberry ketchup, a whole new range of salads, fresh crab cakes, steak with chorizo ketchup and a brand new look to mac ‘n’ cheese.   But Mark is really proud of the pizzas… A new dough, thin crispy base and a crust for dipping in the new ‘big easy’ dip, Brooklyn style. And the toppings! Introducing ‘n-duja’, a spreadable sweet and spicy sausage that pulls apart like putty and the ‘Bad Boy pizza’ which, of course, has literally everything on it.

It’s fair to say this menu has been a labour of love.

Mouth watering? Belly rumbling? It’s time to eat happy. Book your table here plus you could WIN THE ENTIRE MENU!

And with 50% off on Mega Monday, 19th May that’s pretty much every excuse you ever needed boxed off.

You’re welcome.


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