Right, let’s make this clear from the start – we love food from all over the world. Whether it’s classic burgers from the USA, succulent steak frites from France or a fragrant Panang curry from Thailand – we’ll gobble up all that good stuff from across the globe.

But sometimes you just need a big plate full of the taste of home. Some Great British grub, UK-based yummy stuff, a big bite of blighty. You get the picture. But why is the comfort food of our fair nation so damn comforting? Let’s have a little look, shall we.

Fish & Chips

Okay, let’s just go straight in on the big one. The worldwide classic that is fish and chips. The origins of this culinary landmark go back to the times of Dickens (i.e they’re well old), so it’s safe to say it’s a food that’s here for the long haul. But why is it so, well, right? Well, the combination of textures was always going to be a winner. Combine that with the saltiness of perfectly mixed batter, a little sweetness in the potato and just a tang of the sea in the fish.

Damn it, we need a fish supper and the seaside. NOW.  

Steak Sandwich

Now, bread we can’t claim as a British original (even Mary Berry isn’t THAT old), and cooking meat is pretty much as old as humanity itself. But the sandwich, well that’s a different story. Thanks to a certain John Montagu, also known as the Earl of Sandwich, we’ve had a long love affair with sticking tasty morsels between two slices of fresh bloomer. And the zenith of this piece of genius? The steak sandwich. Brilliant beef. Beautiful bread. The best of British.

[starts humming God Save The Queen]

Apple Pie

“Apple pie? That’s a staple dessert from our friends in the states, right?” NOT SO FAST THERE, CLEVER CLOGS. The first mention of that sumptuous fruit-based dessert was waaaay back in 1381 in an olde English cookbook. We’re not entirely sure, but we suspect Jamie Oliver wrote it. Maybe. Anyway, team this bad boy (the apple pie, not Jamie Oliver) with some ice cream or custard and you’ll be in a state of Britannia-based bliss.

So there you have it. Three dishes that pretty much sum up all that is truly wonderful about British cuisine. And would you believe it, we have all of them on our food menu! What a wonderful coincidence.
Check out our selection of British classics (and loads more awesome food from around the world) right here.  

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