Coconut water. Adam Sandler. Crocs. You might think their all a bit weird, but at one point each of them were all the rage for a short while.

But they’re old news now. The new gold standard in grade A unexpected cool is here, and its name is cauliflower.

Don’t believe us? Well – you’re obviously totally out of the loop. But don’t worry, we’ll do you a favour and fill you in.

There’s a new carb in town

Chips. Pizza. Pastries. Everyone loves a good old carb, don’t they? The trouble is, you couldn’t really call any of those delicious products superfoods that will do your body wonders.

But what if we told you that there was a magical superfood which could be used to make all of those treats? Its name is cauliflower.

It’s ridiculously versatile. You can mash it, bake it, fry it and smoosh it into basically whatever carb-based treat you want.

Check it out, being a the culinary equivalent of Lady Gaga taking on a ridiculous number of wild and wacky shapes and forms.


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It’s no wonder the hipsters are raving about it.

Especially because it’s not just not bad for you. It’s actually good for you.

Yeah, that’s right.

It’s carb free. It’s low calorie. And it’s completely jam packed with vitamins, minerals and all of that other sciencey good stuff.

So when you’re treating yourself to carb-free alternative of your favourite carby snack, you’re actually doing your body some good.

That’s like if sitting on the couch re-watching episodes of Game of Thrones actually gave you a solid set of gloriously rippling abs.

Any downsides?

Okay, there’s no point beating around this one.

It’s a bit…well…ugly.

But you know, it’s ugly in a Willem Defoe kind of way. Packed with character, depth and incredible flavour.

Okay, that last adjective didn’t really apply to Willem Defoe. But hey, you get our point.

Don’t let its bad looks put you off. This vegetable has so much to offer, and quite frankly, it’s rocking the food world right now.

And you know that’s true because it made it onto our food menu, in the delicious form of caulislaw.

It’s like coleslaw, just healthier and packed with shreds of this awesomely nutritious wonder.

Because there’s a lot more to cauliflower than smothering it all in cheese.

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