Look, we know a thing or two about a party, but sometimes, even the best need to find inspiration from somewhere.

And while we definitely took note of your last shindig, with the Elvis Presley tribute act and FOUR different types of cocktail sausages, we’ve been getting our recent tips from some of the most extravagant parties we’ve ever seen instead.

Star-studded, crazy, and totally over-the-top, these are the celebrity parties we wish we were invited to.

Elton John’s 50th birthday party

Elton John turned 50 in 1997, and proceeded to do what anybody would do to celebrate…

He dressed up as Louis XIV in an eight-foot-tall costume, invited 500 of his famous friends, and then sat on a golden throne during the most over-the-top birthday party soirée the streets of London have ever seen.

And rumour even has it not a single person was still standing by the end.  


Kimye celebrated North West’s first birthday the only way they knew how, by recreating the legendary Coachella festival.

Appropriately called Kidchella, there was ferris wheels, stages, live acts, teepees, and all the typical hipster fashion you’ve come to know from Coachella, for an estimated $2 million.

Yep, $2 million. All for a tiny human still a few years away from long-term memory creation.

Join the soul train

For most of us normies, fancy dress parties tend to be half people-who-couldn’t-be-bothered, and half people-who-could-only-be-a-lil’-bit-bothered-so-came-as-a-cat.

Fortunately, if you’re Beyoncé, you don’t really have this problem.

In fact, when Queen B threw a funky Soul Train-themed bash for her 35th birthday, every single VIP guest took themselves back to the ‘70s where the flares were big and the hair even bigger.

Come on, would you just look at Diddy!

Paris Hilton’s 21st

In shocking events that should surprise absolutely no-one, Paris Hilton had a big ol’ party for her 21st in New York.

Seems pretty tame, right?

Well, she then flew all her guests to another FOUR big nightlife cities. First to Las Vegas, then London, Hollywood, and Tokyo for an insane five-night extravaganza which makes you booking two days off work for your birthday a lil’ boring.

In fact, it’s estimated that she spent $75,000 on each of the guests to fly them around, and if we’re honest, we’d have just preferred a cheque.

Kate Moss’ 40th

Alright, this one was complete party goals.

A 40th in the Cotswolds might not sound like much, but with a psychedelic-chic theme, seven distinctive rave tents, a private festival line-up featuring Massive Attack and Primal Scream, personalised Kate Moss tattoos, and a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ from Florence Welch, this might just have been the best party ever.

And if that’s not enough, it even lasted four days. One for each decade.


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