Costumes make everything fun, and work Christmas parties are no exception. The trouble is, in order to maximise the LOLs, you need to go about it very carefully.

A badly executed costume can often result in feeling awkward and out of place all night, which is bad news if you’re trying to make a good impression on colleagues who never get to see you outside of the workplace.

Luckily, we’re cool, and we know how to make you feel cool too. Even if you’re dressed as an elf.

Here’s how.

Don’t be the creepy Santa

Sure, you can be Santa and people might jokingly sit on your lap and tell you what they want for Christmas. But just be careful what type of jolly jokes you tell to the ladies. No, Debbie doesn’t want to know about the huge sack full of “treats” you’ve got lined up for her.

Do pick a dress code that’s easy to follow

Christmas fancy dress isn’t exactly a difficult one to figure out, is it? When people understand a theme, they’ll know it’s not okay to show up in your best shirt and jeans like the office scrooge. When people make the effort they’ll be all sorts of outfits on display. Who knows, even a questionable Jesus might even show up to bless the Christmas fancy dress party with his presence.

Don’t wear an outfit that could cause accidents

If you’re a woman, you might opt to wear that sexy, strapless Mrs Claus outfit. Just make sure it won’t start to fall down to reveal your chirpy robins. If you’re getting a shop-bought fancy dress, make sure it’s half-decent quality too. If it’s badly made, all it takes is one powerful dancemove to tear open the wrapping of your costume and give everyone an early Christmas present.

Do think about what you’ll be doing later on

Prancing around in a Christmas fancy dress outfit is bound to make you feel hotter than the Christmas turkey that’s cooking away in the oven.

Well, if your party is a simple sit down affair with food and cocktails, you won’t need to worry. However, if you are going to be dancing the night away, think deeply about your outfit before you wear that full gingerbread man onesie you’ve been eyeing up.

Don’t wear something that will cover your face

It might be tempting to wear a huge Rudolf mask, but what happens when people want to take pictures with you? You’ll probably take it off only to realise how intensely red and sweaty you look, much like Rudolf’s nose. It’s not going to look good, especially with added flash.

Do plan and choose a venue in advance

You might want to wing it this year, but our advice is to plan everything in advance. If you’re not aware of how busy Christmas time is, you must have been living under a yule log. To throw the best party, book it now so you don’t look like a fruitcake with a last minute choice in a far less classy establishment.

Don’t forget to theme everything else, too!

If your meal and cocktails aren’t themed in the slightest, there’ll be a missing link. If the whole shindig is Christmassy, it’ll look like a winter wonderland and people will feel festive. Luckily, because we’re so jolly good at hosting parties, we’ll get this all sorted for you, so you won’t even have to lift a finger!

Do you fancy pushing the manger out a little bit and hosting a Christmas fancy dress party? With festive cocktails and more food you can shake a stick at, Revolution is the perfect place for you and your guests this festive season.

Check out the festive options we have available that’ll make your festive dreams come true.

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