Cocktail or old wives’ tale? We’re not entirely sure.

The history of cocktails is probably much like your Friday night; a little bit hazy and not 100%  hand on heart factual in the re-telling… Nevertheless it’s worth sharing the story of some of our favourite cocktails, because it’s our favourite week: cocktail week!

But do take them with a pinch of salt (and maybe a shot of tequila…)

The Mojito

This was the first ever cocktail made way back in the 16th century. Reportedly the Mojito developed from the “El Draque” in honour of the explorer and sailor Sir Francis Drake. Legend has it, the cocktail was first created to cover up the taste of rum. A likely story!


Possibly one of the most famous drinks ever, loved by legends such as Winston Churchill, Truman Capote, Ernest Hemmingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, which has only added to the coolness of this iconic tipple. The modern martini really took off during prohibition where, in speakeasies across the US, gin was easy to get hold of. So basically the success of the martini was all down to desperation, it was either a gin martini or a dry mouth. Easy choice.


Say ‘Cosmo’ and the vast majority think Sex and the City. But the history of the Cosmopolitan is actually one of the most disputed of all the cocktails. American states are falling over each other in order to lay claim to this sophisticated drink. So much so that South Beach, Florida have based their claim on an apparently mythical bar tender called Cheryl Cook. We say, stop fighting and pour us another one…

Long Island Iced Tea

So strong and yet so tasty. The guy who had the balls to mix that many spirits into one cocktail should get a medal. And that’s exactly what he got when in 1972, Robert Butt entered a cocktail making competition. Triple sec had to be included but then all sorts of other spirits started flying and so the Long Island Iced Tea was born. We owe you one Bob *hic*

Now you’ve learnt something new about some of our most-loved cocktails why not try something from our cocktail menu. Expertly mixed, hand-crafted and you can make up whatever stories you like…

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