Cocktails made from fruit (like the Fruit Burst Frappé) are a beautiful thing.

They’re bursting with flavour and they taste incredible (especially when we make them). And the best part? You can genuinely feel good that you’re getting a good few of your five a day.

Seriously. Take a look at our Fruit Burst Frappe, and you’ll see that it’s essentially an alcoholically enhanced fruit smoothie.

That’s why you can feel extra nice about drinking this bad boy in the summer sun. 


Frappé cup


25ml Stoli Blueberi

37.5ml Revolution Raspberry Vodka Flavour

25ml apple juice

12.5ml blueberry purée

5ml grenadine


1 lemon wedge

1 lime wedge

1 strawberry

1 orange wheel

1 blackberry

2 raspberries

3 blueberries


Grab your blender. Grab all of your ingredients and throw them in. Then, grab your frappé cup and fill it with crushed ice. Throw the ice in with the rest of your ingredients. Blend until smooth. Pour into the frappé cup, then place your orange wheel horizontally on top of the mixture. Pop your straw through the middle of it, then arrange the rest of the garnish around the straw like a mini-fruit salad.

See? We weren’t kidding about all that fruit.

There you go. Drink one of those, and you’ll be feeling revitalised and fresh in no time. Just don’t drink five – that might send you the other way the next morning.

If you fancy having a crack at becoming the next best cocktail maker in the world, then you might want to book into a Cocktail Masterclass with us (although we should warn you – as long as we’re around, no one is becoming the next best cocktail maker in the world).

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