Now, we love a good biscuit as much as the next sane human being. And y’all know we have a long love affair with all things cocktail. But how on earth could we combine these two ace things into one, erm, acer thing?

The Cookies ‘n’ Dream cocktail, that’s how! Sure, people may have tried to reach this liquid/solid nirvana before but this time we’ve nailed it.

And the best bit? We’ve got the recipe right here. Disclaimer: we make it better than you could #justsayin


25ml Absolut Vanilia

50ml White Chocolate flavoured vodka

25ml dulce de leche

Half & Half (or equal parts single cream and whole milk)

2 Choc chip cookies


Squirty cream

One choc chip cookie




Okay, pretty easy this one. Get out your blender (you’ll find it hiding at the back of your kitchen cupboard next to your toastie maker) and chuck in all of your ingredients apart from the garnish bits, obvs.

Stick on the lid (IMPORTANT!) and give it a blast for around 20 seconds or until the biscuits are fully crushed – they ain’t coming through the straw otherwise.

Pour into a nice tall glass and garnish with a dollop of squirty cream and a whole cookie. For dipping and stuff.


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