Okay, so this one is a game changer. We’ve combined three of the best things in the world to make a cocktail to end all cocktails. But what are these three magical elements? You might want to sit down for this. We’ve brought together vodka (obviously), Jammie Dodger biscuits and the classic British brew to make the extraordinary Red, White and Brew.

Want to know how it’s made? Read on, intrepid cocktail lover.

The ingredients

37.5ml Stoli vodka
12.5ml Chambord
25ml Brew & Biscuits Flavour
25ml Strawberry Puree
12.5ml Grenadine
50ml Cranberry juice
Whipped cream, raspberry and 2 Jammie Dodgers to garnish

The method

Fill a Boston glass and a brew mug with cubed ice. Add the puree, grenadine, cranberry juice and alcoholic ingredients to the glass, pop on the lid and shake. Strain into the mug and garnish with the cream and raspberries. Serve with the Jammie Dodgers on the side.

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