Now, over the past 16 years we have learnt a thing or two about parties…It’s what we do. However, it appears that some folks still seem determined to spend their NYE ’round Tony’s’ because ‘it’s gonna be ‘mazing’ only to turn up (in fancy dress) to find loads of people have pulled out and the weirdos that did make it – didn’t get the note about the fancy dress! To further compound your New Year’s doom…it turns out that measly Ol’Tony has only provided a bottle of 20/20, some mouldy nachos and a truly awful UKG mix he ‘made himself’ that is rattling away on repeat on his homemade ‘sound system’…CRINGE!

So, if the annual arguement of ‘shall we go round Tony’s’ is happening again this year then may we suggest you look no further than your favourite vodka bar for a proper NEW YEAR REVOLUTION. Grab yourself your own piece of the party and book a table or area online or check local pages to find out what’s going down in your nearest and dearest vodka bar.

Or by all means…call Tony!

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