Mondays – they’re a weekly nightmare. You’re ripped from the warm freedom of the weekend and dunked into paralysingly icy waters of real life. The weather feels colder, your commute seems longer, and each second at work passes by so slowly you’d think you’d boarded a train to Venus, where each day lasts 5832 hours.

The worst part is, there’s nothing you can do about it. Life goes on, and it drags you along with it.

Oh well – here are 8 unlucky chumps whose experiences are bound to make you feel at least a bit better about your day.

Enjoy. Or at least try to.

Total Bummer

You’ve trained hard all your life to share the stage with one of your idols. It’s your big moment – you’ve perfected every move, rehearsed for hours upon hours to make sure you don’t let J-Lo down. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh – I suppose your skin tight costume could rip open at the worst possible moment?

7000 tonnes of fail

You’ve heard of don’t drink and drive, but here’s a case of don’t drink and sail a 7000 tonne cargo ship. You’ll probably crash it into Scotland, and you’ll definitely add weight to those stereotypes about inebriated sailors.

Sleigh Ride (without a sleigh)

This video caught recently on CCTV shows a woman trying to hold back her three leashed dogs who are intent on chasing after something. Spoiler alert: she fails.

Everyone’s a winner (apart from you)

Imagine if everyone in your town won the lottery but you. How would that make you feel? Ask this guy, who missed out on his share of a £600 million lottery prize. Gutted.

When sorry can’t turn back time

It’s bad enough that this girl is about to have her dreams shattered on live national television, but did you have to make it even worse for her by prematurely announcing her failure before the results envelope was even opened? Sorry Olly, but sorry just isn’t enough.

When Toys Attack

Do you remember that feeling of getting a new toy when you were younger? Do you remember when that new toy nearly resulted in you having to shave your head? Didn’t think so. These girls do however. It’s like if Toy Story was re-made by Wes Craven.

What a (literal) kick in the teeth

UFC fighter Ronda Rousey lost her champion title with a swift kick in the face, which is kind of exactly how we feel about Monday mornings. Ouch.

What’s that in your drink?

It should have been an innocent moment – a teenage girl experiencing a once in a lifetime encounter with her childhood heroes. However, a little bit of accidental forced perspective photography made this Chuckle Brothers fan photo go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Are you feeling better yet? Mondays are bad, but they’re not that bad, right?

We don’t like Mondays

No, they are that bad. We don’t like Mondays one bit. Well, maybe we do like them ONE bit. And that bit is our amazing Monday food offer. Pay us a visit any Monday and grab yourself some half price food. We know how bad Mondays can be, so that’s why we’ve made it possible for you to start your week with a win.

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