So summer is over and things are about to get serious. And by ‘serious’ we mean ‘full of freshers going wild and acting like there is only one week of partying to go before the world ends’. Ahem. Anyway, we decided to put together a playlist that portrays the highs, lows and crazies of Freshers Week.

1. When your parents drop you off and you walk around campus for the first time

2. Going out round town for the first time with your new mates…

3. …and getting so drunk that your words make no sense any more

4. Justifying that regrettable ‘encounter’ with the guy from the next floor

5. Going shopping for the first time

6. That moment you realise you’ve found your new bestie

7. Then it’s off to your first lecture!

8. And if someone steals your last tin of beans, remember this:

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