Knowledge is power. Yes, even burger knowledge. 

You might think you know everything there is to know about burgers, but we’ve been getting our mouths around burgers for the longest time now, and even we didn’t know about these crazy facts.

And you know us, we’ve never been able to keep a secret…

1. The most burgers eaten in one minute…

Is four! By a man called Furious Pete! Yes! Furious Pete! While wearing a t-shirt that said “STAY SEXY, STAY HUNGRY, GET LAID”! Proving once and for all! That good things! And Guinness World Records! Happen to bad people!

2. McDonald’s sells more than 75 burgers every second.

Which is just so ridiculous, because in the time it takes you, presumably an adult of average reading comprehension, to read this unnecessarily long sentence… McDonald’s has gone and sold 375 burgers.

3. Back in 2015, a man named Burger married a woman named King, and of course, Burger King paid for the whole thing. 

A wedding fit for a king. No really, it looks like a real whopper of a good time. Do you think Burger King forced them to call their firstborn child Angus? ‘Cause we do.

4. The world’s first laboratory-grown burger was cooked and eaten at a news conference in London 2013.

The verdict? Needed more ketchup. You heard it here first, folks.

5. Some beautiful genius has created a burger bed. 

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Complete with lettuce sheets and a sesame seed bun-duvet, we repeat, this is not a drill.

6. The full name is a hamburger, but it contains no ham. #FAKENEWS

It’s kind of like how Guinea pigs aren’t from Guinea.

7. The most expensive burger in the world will set you back a ridiculous £1,785. 

Do you know what else you could buy for that kind of money? 1,124 McDonald’s burgers. 224 of our delicious cocktails. 4 (FOUR) large boxes of cinema popcorn.

8. Around the world, more than 50 billion burgers are eaten every single year. 

That means if you arranged every single burger in a straight line, they would all go around the Earth 32 times!

9. It’s believed that the first burger was created by Louis Lassen. 

Apparently, he accidentally created the legendary burger when he served a ground beef sandwich to a worker on the go, way back in 1900.

10. FACT: We’ve got the most epic burger you’ve ever seen. 

Yeah, we’ve not exactly modest about this one. Chock-full with corn-battered chicken, smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, sweet potato fries, crispy BBQ onions and loads more… The Motherclucker is BACK for a VERY limited time only.

Reckon you can finish this monster? Honestly, we’re doubting it. But feel free to prove us wrong by booking a table, and getting your feast on ASAP.

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