We’re not saying that drinking a cocktail will help you write one of the best novels of all time but there’s no harm in trying right? Some of the finest literary geniuses loved a few cheeky cocktails, just like the rest of us. In fact by the sounds of it, these guys seriously knew how to party..

Ernest Hemingway- The Mojito

The famous American author and journalist was a notoriously heavy drinker but one of his top tipples was the Mojito.

Ian Fleming: the Vesper Martini

In Ian Fleming’s Bond series the first drink that Bond ever orders is the Vesper Martini. Perhaps inspiring the famous Thunderball quote “It’s just that I’d rather die of drink than of thirst,” it’s an extreme view, but we appreciate his commitment.

F Scott Fitzgerald- The Gin Rickey

Alongside being one of the most prolific writers of all time Fitgerald, by all accounts was a bit of a boozer. It’s rumoured that Fitzgerald’s passion for gin stemmed from the belief that you could not detect gin on his breath, no doubt attempting to hide it from his missus. Well that explains his statement “First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you” which would be a bit of a tongue twister after  a few drinks.

Oscar Wilde- Champagne

This Irish writer and notorious party animal had a serious champagne fetish even asking for a case of his favourite vintage to be delivered to his cell when he was imprisoned.

Truman Capote- the Screwdriver

No true gentleman, in fact no-one wants to admit that their favourite drink is a Screwdriver which is probably why Capote, the author of the American classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s referred to the vodka mixed with orange as “his orange drink.”

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